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Hola! My name is Mandi from Catholic Newlywed.  I’m wife to David and mama to sweet pea Lucia. David graduated with his Ph.D. in May and is still job searching, so the roles in our household are a bit non-traditional right now.  I work part-time as a Spanish teacher and David is an amazing househusband and stay-at-home dad. I’m a homemaker in the making, dabbling in natural living and parenting, an aspiring craftster, amateur baker, and devout believer, just trying to make a traditional life for my family in a modern world. 

Twitter: @Catholic_Wife
Homeschool Your Boys
This is the site I am using for my own homeschooling adventure! I will be updating when we get started and all through our process along with this curriculum. I cannot wait to share our adventures with all of you! Stop on over and check it out! There are so many amazing resources! 
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Sunday Charm
Hello! My name is Elise. Why "Sunday Charm"? Because Sunday afternoons have a certain charm about them. No responsibilities..only naps, smoothies (apple cider in the fall!), sun, blue skies and plenty of time for creativity. I hope you stick around...Let's live life with a little more art, DIY and color?! 
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