The rest of NYC....

 We stopped in Hoboken to hit up Carlo's Bakery, we went last year so I had to share the joy with Lisa and Tera, it was A LONG wait though this time! But we made it through with some yummy treats! 

Someone on FB actually thought we met Buddy! haha
After that we drove over to NYC under the river, through the Lincoln Tunnel....
Insert freaking out! I am not cool with driving under water. Scary.
We made it through BUT then got lost and stuck going back UNDER the water, so we seriously went through the freaking tunnel 3 times in 15 minutes! haha
We finally made it to our hotel Mariott Marquis in Times Square, I loved it!
Last time we stayed at DoubleTree in Times Square, both are great it you are looking!
It looks like creepy Elmo was eating Alex
We met up with Alex, our neighbor's adorable daughter and the world's best babysitter! 
 She is interning at Marie Claire at the moment.
I took Jude on the subway. He loved it
We hit up DASH, since Jordan would have never went with me. It was decent. 
The next day we had the 46 event but did a little sight seeing!
 Alex in front of the Marie Claire building! 
We hit up the Wafle and Dinges truck. HOLY HEAVENS! 
This is an NYC MUST DO!
The most amazing thing ever! Spekuloos is the bomb!
Jude passed out in Central Park! He was so perfect the entire trip! 
I even got to see Catherine, our sweet friend who is preaching Pro Life to the high school students in NYC and surrounding areas! She is so beautiful inside and out!
Before we left I hit up Junior's Cheesecake to get Jordan the most amazing Devil's Food cheesecake that Tera introduced me to! It is so good!
We had such a fun time for our quick trip to NYC! I wish we lived closer! 
If you wanna see pics from the 46 event, click here! 


  1. loving the pictures. looks like you all had a great time!

  2. Mmmmm Juniors cheesecake, lol!

  3. We LOVE Wafles and Dinges! Next time you guys are in NYC, let us know! We can come down and meet you guys for Spekuloos!

  4. Looks like such a great day! We loved taking Alidia to NYC when we were there in August. We actually say that creepy Elmo when we were there!! And ended up getting Alidia's photo with the Mickey... also creepy hehe. Did you see him? Mmm the food photos all look so good! Are you near Hoboken? That is really close to where we used to live in NJ (Ridgewood).

  5. Glad you loved NYC---next time tell the Chirping Moms you are heading our way:) We are SO close to the city!!


  6. We went to NYC around Christmas time last year and that Elmo was there. And yes, totally creepy and they just would not leave you alone! I really want to go back but my husband hates the city. :(

  7. Ummmm like i said before SHAME SHAME SHAME on you for visiting NJ /nyc after I moved away ......LOL....Im super homesick right now ....especially for the food ! But Im glad you had a great time!

  8. Great pics Allie! I kinda hate you and your 116lbs as you post all these sweet treats pics! Haha...just kidding, I love ya either way.