Wedded Bliss Wednesday- Date Night

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Now onto DATE NIGHT talk!

How often do you and your husband have a date night?
We rarely if ever have a date night! I actually just booked one for a Murder Mystery Dinner next month out of the blue, probably the first real "date" in a few years. But in all seriousness we exchange monthly date nights for vacations with just the two of us! This year we went to England for a week and it was heavenly, we knock out all the missed date nights in a vacation with just us two! I love it!
What did you do on your first date?
Well, we had a double date hang out type situation! haha! We went to BW3's with our mutual friends then no joke ended at his apartment playing Wii! It was perfect in my eyes, it was just us being us!

What is your favorite kind of date night?
Dinner that I do not have to make!:):) I would much rather hit up a local diner (or order pizza) than a classy steak house. I am a total laid back person. Sure, sometimes it's nice to get dressed up but I would much rather be comfy. 

How do you do date night on a budget?
My favorite thing to do is go on a picnic! It is so easy and so much fun! We do it with the boys a lot, we will just pack up our normal dinner and go to the park! It feels special and unique. I feel like you do not have to spend a lot of money to make memories. 

I remember when we were dating we would just get a bottle of wine and hit up nature parks just strolling and talking. Nothing fancy, just us! I feel like any time we go out to a fancy dinner I just feel awkward. I hate being in a stuffy room with strangers. I feel like everyone is judging. SO ANNOYING. I would much rather be in my element and comfortable.

What is the best kind of date your husband could surprise you with?
Really, in all seriousness just a night at home. Sometimes we just drink wine and play Clue.
That in my eyes is perfect!

I cannot wait to read all your answers. 
Are you guys like us? More laid back approach to date nights!?
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  1. Last Saturday we put the kids to bed then we drank wine and played cards. It was so fun and had not done that in. LONG time.

  2. yes! keeping it simple... this is why we like you guys! Can we double date with a wine at the park?! No, but seriously!

  3. Ahhh I'm glad you guys don't do regular date nights either!!

  4. Oh I hear ya on the laid back dates! Those are the best kind!

    I'm one of your newest followers, via the linkup, and so loving it so far! I just got lost in your posts about natural foods and sent some stuff to my husband to read! Can't wait to read more!

  5. I love game nights at home. That's our go-to Sunday after noon. Have a few cocktails and whip out Trivial Pursuit!

  6. You are my kind of gal... simple and relaxed nights sure beat anything over the top fancy (even if fancy is also nice once in a while). This reminded me that I want to go on a picnic soon! I love picnics! :)

  7. You guys do the kind of dates I like! We could totally double date!

  8. I like that, skipping all the date nights for one vacation for the two of you! I think that would be super important especially after kids! :))

  9. Totally concur with your dating style! On the few occasions that we have gone to a nicer/fancy dinner, I can't help but look at the bill and think that it could have paid for our entire week's worth of groceries!

    Have fun at the murder mystery dinner! We did a love themed one for Vday and it was awesome!

  10. My husband and I are actually going to a Murder Mystery Dinner next month, too! I like the idea of doing couple's vacations instead of dates!

  11. So excited to read the posts for next week's topic :)