Wedded Bliss Wednesday Link Up! Meet the MEN!

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We vlogged this we, I mean Jordan and I!
PS PLEASE tell me you heard him say "Call me, Beep me, if you wanna reach me!!" bahaha
 I told Jordan he was not himself (the quietness but the comment was totally him!) Don't you love his answer on blogging...he totally thinks it's a waste of time (I think he also felt that way about the vlog haha)! I guess guys just don't get it fully! I love my fellow bloggers, I would literally be lost without ya all! So there you have it, you met a mild version of Jordan! He is literally the best thing to ever happen to me, He is such a bright light in our family and I am so grateful to call him mine! I cannot wait to learn more about marriages from all of you! I think Jordan and I have an amazing marriage but that does not mean that we don't still need advice! 

Next weeks questions: DATE NIGHT!
How often do you and your husband have a date night?

What did you do on your first date?

What is your favorite kind of date night?

How do you do date night on a budget?

What is the best kind of date your husband could surprise you with?!

Link up with us and introduce us to your hubs!!
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  1. Loved it! Allie, you looked super proud when he was taking!

  2. Loved it! Allie, you looked super proud when he was taking!

  3. Bahahahahahhaha call me beep me if you wanna reach me. He's a funny one!!! I doubt Mike would ever do a vlog!

  4. Love this and you guys!!!!

  5. That was absolutely adorable! I made my fiancé watch it with me to try and convince him to do it next week but he is a little too shy :(
    Glad to find your blog through this awesome link up

  6. you guys are too cute and I love his ending...LOL

  7. Cute! I think Iggy secretly thinks blogging is a waste of time too lol

  8. I love that you guys did this in a vlog format! The comment at the end was AWESOME! Can't wait for next week's questions!

  9. Thanks for being an awesome host.. loving this link up!
    Your Newest Follower :)

  10. I don't think Jamie would ever vlog!!! I'm jealous, lol. But he and Jordan definitely share views on blogging, lol. Jamie doesn't complain, but I know he thinks its KINDA dumb, haha. He likes it in the sense that if anything ever happened to us, our kids would have this to look at. You guys are too cute! Love it.

  11. Thanks for hosting! This is a great idea! So cute!

  12. Thanks for hosting!! Just read your blogger thing, and McDonald's Frappes are my favorite too!!!

  13. Thanks for hosting! you guys are so cute together. I know I am very delayed but I would like to take part. Will write and link up :)