Halloween Recap...

So I must honestly give myself a pat on the back for the boys this year as far as costumes go.
I was literally smiling ear to ear watching them trick or treat! 
Although it was semi sleeting and freezing outside we had so much fun!
Here is a look at the boys from the movie UP!
I present Carl, Russel and Dug the dog!:) 
Do they resemble the movie!? 
Here are more pics from the evening, poor Jordan was out of town so luckily my sister in law and neighbor boy (the manny) Jack helped us make it to a few houses around the block!
Luke totally rocked Carl! It was HILARIOUS! I was nervous he would not keep the glasses on but he did for a good hour!! He had a blast!
I must confess I saw a kid rocking the Carl outfit last year so we just took it to the next level by adding Russel and Dug the dog!
                        They were literally running out the door to get to the neighbors!:)
First stop, our favorite neighbors house!
Now say hello to Jack, the manny! Our neighbors kids help so much with our boys! I love them!
Here we come Halloween!:)
Jude stayed put the entire time, he is still running a slight fever, happy and normal just running a fever so I think the cold air helped a tad to calm the fever!
 I love these little guys so much!
I hope everyone had an amazing time trick or treating! 
Hope you enjoyed the boys costumes as much as I did! 
Jordan was cracking up when I sent him the pics mainly because he had no idea what 
Vincent and Luke would look like bc I threw their outfits together last minute! 

PS The basket idea was my best idea ever, kept the balloons separate from the boys and so much easier and cuter I might add!:) 

Enjoy eating your kids candy, as I am shoving a snickers in my mouth!:)


  1. They are SO adorable! These pictures look straight out of a magazine! LOVE IT!

  2. Your babies are just precious! I love these pictures!


  3. This has got to be one of THE CUTEST.COSTUME.IDEAS....EVER!

  4. Amazing mom award goes tooooooooooo....drum roll please......


  5. What great ideas for their costumes! You did a great job. You are so amazing on how you get around with those cute 3 boys! I need some tips from you :)

  6. This is such an awesome 3 costume idea!!!! And they turned out so well! Way to go! The boys all looked great and it looks like everyone had such a fun night! :)

  7. Great costumes!

    Your neighborhood looks gorgeous, why are you moving to a new house?

  8. These costumes were so beyond perfect and presh! So happy your manny can help out. What a cute neighborhood!

  9. OH. MY. They are adorable! What a cute idea to have all three of them coordinate.


  10. The costumes and so cute and creative! So funny..manny! love it!

  11. Ok, now I am smiling from ear to ear! You did SUCH a good job. Absolutely perfect. I'm just smitten. Now I just need two more boys to make this happen :)

  12. You guys sure look like you had a good time!
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    Tracy Ann from www.crochethappy.com and http://asktracyann.crochethappy.com

  13. That is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! I just LOVE the idea!! :)

  14. Oh my goodness...cuteness OVERLOAD!! Those costumes are great!! New follower from the weekend blog walk...nice to "meet" you! :)

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  16. I can't believe he wore the glasses--awesome! Everyone looks fantastic and I'm so glad y'all had a fun and memorable night!