House Update and MORE!

I have seriously been the worst blogger, clearly! This month has been insanity. This month we have done 2 Moms On The Go segments on the news (Nov is their busiest month) so I had to be up twice a week at 4am!e Sucks the small energy I have right out of me. On top of that we closed on the house and have been renovating evr since. Jordan has literally been working or at the house working since we got the keys, which means I am have been trying to handle all the packing and keeping up with the boys daily antics. Needless to say I CANNOT wait to get in the house. I want to get everything in their place and then MAYBE relax! haha! I am also excited because today was the last day of 2 weekly segments and we go back to just one! Whew! By the new year hopefully we will have things a TAD calmer!  
I wanted to show you guys a sneak at the house's before pictures! You will also get a good look at the before and after of our home because we will be showcased on HGTV House Hunters!:) They come in a few weeks to do our last "at home" session, which means that I need to make sure we get things looking good STAT!! 
Here is a sneak peek
This is our second house and I knew exactly what I wanted this time around. I didn't want anything new. I wanted something unique and vintage. Something with LOADS of history that we can make our own. 
I am obsessed because it is beyond perfect, well that is a lie. 
It is not perfect as is, but it has the potential to be my dream home once we finish some things!
The details and craftsmen ship of the home are amazing.
We truly have a VERY unique home and that is what I wanted!
This room was by far the biggest selling point.
The great room. It is insane.
Wide plank hardwoods. Leaded glass windows. Exposed wood beams.
Literally my dream.
It also has this really cool balcony 
(we had to put another rod iron gate up bc it freaked me out!)
You cannot see it from here but behind there is the foyer with a spiral staircase.
I need to get more pics of it!
Here is the kitchen....boooooring. It is huge though. 
That is one end of it. 
Here is the other, there are two "eat in" areas,
One side will be for eating and the other will be the boys activity and craft area.
This area will be eating. I want to have a bench built along the wall with cute padding/pillows.
The bathrooms are a train wreck. Literally.
This beauty is in the boy's room.
We recently gutted the entire thing and will make it into a cute updated bath for them.
This bathroom is the main bath
Sweet green carpet and yellow tub, right??
I have more pics I need to take but that is just a small update.
We have so much work to do. We have already exhausted our renovation budget for this year.
We had mold removal, electrical and plumbing that was a must do. 
We have floors that are being switched out and all the appliances.
It is shocking how quickly money goes during a renovation.

So there you have it, a tiny peek at the house!


  1. Looks awesome! You are a brave woman to take all that on at once. I dread the day we decide to move, and I have to pack up everything!

    You are going to be on House Hunters?! LOVE that show! Make sure to let us know when it will be on :)

  2. Ummmm, yeah can I live with you? That house is FAB.

    Congrats on the show! Be sure to let us know when it's on so I can tell everyone!! :)

  3. so excited for you guys! the house looks charming! and i completely understand the whole renovation budget thing. ours went pretty quickly when we had to put a new roof on and gutted the kitchen, but totally worth it, especially since now everything is exactly how WE wanted it! cant wait to see the after pics! :)
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  4. You're going to be on HOUSE HUNTERS??!!
    To me, that is better than being on Survivor or Price Is Right, or any other reality show.

  5. I'm so excited for you guys! You're house looks awesome with loads of potential. I can't wait to see before and after shots. Please keep us updated on your house hunters episode so we can all watch with you! Congrats girlie!

  6. It looks like a castle! I love it! I think we are in the same boat and i found a house that I can totally see us in :)....we get to see the inside theis weekend :)

    BTW Im sooo tuning into your house hunters episode! I love that show !

  7. OMG! So cool!

    I cant wait to see your house hunters episode........seriously!

  8. LOVE the house---seriously!!!!!!!!!! And tv star, what?!?!?!


  9. Love the house!!!!! We bought a repo and gutted it about three years ago, its a work in progress still but we're about 3/4 of the way done, just need to do another bathroom and the kitchen.

    I love the detail of that house and I will totally be watching for you to be on House Hunters, that is a favorite show in my house :)

  10. Wow! What a cool looking house! Once all the hard work is put into it, I'm sure it will all pay off! =)

  11. LOVE your new house!!! It looks amazing! Also, so cool that you are going to be on House Hunters. We had the chance to be on their International show here but the timing didn't work because we needed to move in and renovate part of it into a school right away. Do you know when you'll be on? I'll definitely be watching! :)

  12. You have to let us know when you are on the show! This house looks awesome, and I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  13. Uhhh, WOW! I am super jealous of that BEAUTIFUL house. Not jealous of all the renovations. We had to do a lot of work on our house while living in it... not fun!

    I agree that the house looks like a castle on the outside. Seriously one of the most unique houses I have ever seen. I can't wait to see more before and after pics!

  14. EEEEEeeeee!!! Love this house. So so happy for y'all!! Can't wait to see more pictures. :) xoxo

  15. WOW! That house looks awesome!! Where is it? I can't wait to see more pictures and see your show!

  16. your house looks like a castle! please let me know when your tv show is airing... I don't want to miss it but I'll have to go to my MIL's house to watch it because we don't have cable... blah!

  17. That house is seriously awesome! I love old houses like that. My parent's house that I grew up in was a civil war land grant. And the house down the street was part of the underground railroad and has secret passages. Old house have so much character to them. Love it!

  18. So I'm totally blog stalking.. I LOVE this house! So gorgeous and has tons of character! How awesome to be on HGTV:) I'd be nervous!