Pin-Happy Thanksgiving Style

There are so many fun things to do for Thanksgiving with your kids and also for your family! 
Here is a peek at my faves!
((Click each pic for a link to original sites and directions for each!))
Use your child's hand and feet for this cute turkey!
I also thought it would be cute to add what they are thankful for on the hand parts!
 It would be cool to see how their list changes each year!
How easy and great do these leaves look for the table decor! Love it! 
 These are way too easy! Fudge stripe cookies, reese's and icing! How cute! 
I love this! You could even use it as a center piece! 
Grab a stick from your yard and cut our leaves on construction paper. 
Add a list of things you and your children are thankful for. 
You could even use this as a talking point on Thanksgiving Day, guessing who each  leaf is from!
Okay these are genius! Cheesy crescent roll leaves!
There is a super easy tutorial....I want to eat my computer screen NOW!
The oreo turkeys! I made these one year! They were somewhat of a pain!
I added them to a cupcake as a topper which was cute BUT the icing from the cupcake
softened the bottom cookie, and I didn't care for a soft oreo! haha! 
They were the cutest treat though, so I guess it was worth the work! 
This is one on my list! Cranberry Spread! Only 3 ingredients!
You can serve with ginger snaps or graham crackers, or whatever you fancy! 
YUM! This looks way too good! Pumpkin Dip! 
VERY easy to make and you can dip ginger snaps or even those little graham cracker sticks!

What have you guys found on Pinterest for Thanksgiving??
I am excited because we are doing Thanksgiving twice!
Once at Jordan's grandparents then again at our house on Saturday!
We even got a free range organic turkey from our farmer!
I cannot wait to eat! Is it NEXT Thursday yet!?


  1. What great ideas!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Just looking wonderful and wobbly! am loving this stylish thanksgiving. Wordpress Template Tutorial

  3. Everything looks really great! The pumpkin dip looks extremely delicious as well as the oreo turkeys. What a great and cute way to spend Thanksgiving.

  4. That cranberry spread and pumpkin dip looks amazing! Are they from pinterest?