Rock The Vote...

I like so many other people are so glad that the election is almost over. 
The hate ads are beyond annoying but we are ALMOST there!
I HOPE you are all going to vote because it is so important
Especially for women! Last election 13 million women who were registered did not even vote.
THAT IS HUGE. So plan now for Tuesday!

Plan extra time for voting, plan to drop your kids at a friends or take turns voting.
Take your kiddos to the polls if you have to. 
We clearly do not all have the same exact views on candidates but your vote is important,
even if it is for the opposition.

We have been extra political around these parts because Ohio is such a swing state.
We have been to Romney/Ryan events as much as possible.
Taking all 3 boys if we have to!:)
I have had so much fun standing up for what I believe in.
Because my views are important. 
I am showing my children that IT matters what we think and believe! 
While we may not ALL have the same views I still think it is important for us to all stand up for what we believe in and RESPECT each other as much as possible. 
We need to be informed and show our children that standing up for your beliefs is important and while not everyone will think the same way it is okay. 
I really pray that the outcome is for my team because this country needs a change.
Sadly Obama did not impress me with his first term so I have zero hope for a 2nd term.
I would equally feel as let down if a republican had a first term that was shady.
We need jobs and this economy needs FIXED asap! . 
So, rock that vote ladies! 
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  1. Hi Allie! I'm new here from the weekend blog hop!
    I too am so ready for this election to be over and I'm not even in a swing state!!! I can't imagine the ads you are bombarded with. I do agree though that it is so important to vote and good for you for involving your kids!
    Happy to be here! Stop by and say hi if you can!


  2. I'm ready for the election to be over, and praying for a Romney/Ryan win as well! I was at their rally in West Chester, Ohio last night!!

  3. I just voted yesterday! I did not want to endure the lines and craziness of Tuesday with three kids in tow. VOTE EARLY mamas!! :)
    And go Romney and Ryan!

  4. I'm admittedly jealous that you got to go to these events! It's not really an issue here in TX. But I'm also proud of you for voicing your opinions and encouraging others to vote. And Jude had to be by far the cutest person at the rallies!

  5. You go girl! Way to get the word out for Romney/Ryan! We are in Florida so being in a swing state can be intense! So exciting!

  6. YAYY! You're so brave to go there, but I'm so glad you did!!! Women do need to know the importance!
    US ALL!!

  7. you are lucky that your vote matters. I feel like mine doesn't because we are not a swing state! I also can't say I feel strongly towards one guy or the other and I think it's great that you do and stand up for what you believe!

  8. were a swing state here in Florida too, there have been so many Romney/Ryan events I wish we had been able to go to! a few friends have even been lucky enough to get press passes for a few of them.

    And totally agree with the MAKE THE TIME statement! my hubby and I agreed that this past saturday I would watch Matthew all day so that he could sit in line at city hall to do early voting since he cant take the time off during the week on Tuesday. And my sis said I can drop the baby off early on Tuesday so I can vote before work, lets hope the line isnt ridiculously long, but even if it is, im staying, cuz MY VOTE COUNTS!

    so happy you are showing your boys how important this type of thing is! and lets hope the better man wins! ;)

    the sweet life of a southern wife