This kid...

All my boys are totally different, it's so fun to watch them grow into their personalities. 
I just want to give you a quick run down of the past week of Luke.
These scenario's are all true. I cannot make this stuff up.
The kid is a bull in a china shop.
Full Force 247 
Him in his Halloween outfit is too funny not to post! 

-Was finishing up some client sessions last week while Jude was sleeping, thought Vincent and Luke were just playing in living room. I walk out to see Luke holding the juice trying to fill his own cup. Train wreck in itself. I then pick him up to notice his legs are sticky. WAY TOO sticky to be juice. His legs are literally glued together. I take him to the sink to rinse him when I look over to see the entire new bottle of pure maple syrup spread all over their little kids table, wall, and floor. It literally looked as if he had been doing snow angels on top of the table in the syrup. Add that sticky mess to a dog that sheds and Verner's hair was instantly gravitating towards every sticky spot Luke left. 

-Walked into the kitchen to find Luke standing in the fridge. Yes, standing in the fridge. He took his chair over to the fridge, opened it and was standing in it reaching for the string cheese. Oye! 

-He was in the pantry and all of a sudden we hear glass shattering and him screaming. BLOOD everywhere. He was reaching for the fruit snacks jar and fell, jar crashing and breaking and him on top of it. I may be exaggerating the blood but he has a few gashes. A good one in his finger that bled for EVER. Bandaids were not enough so leave it to Jordan to make shift a bandage with paper towels and scotch tape!! haha 
-I made the boys cheesy flatbread for lunch and left the pizza sauce container on the island counter. Well I take Jude upstairs for his nap and was picking up to come back downstairs to the pizza sauce ALL over the kitchen, the ceiling, walls, was seriously the maple syrup all over again. Both in less than a week. 

-He was jumping on our bed last night and was spinning at the same time. This is just dangerous and not good. Well he thought it was funny, and fell off the bed twice. Yes, after he fell he got back up and did it yet again. Just does not get it or care! lol

-The boys always run downstairs while I am getting Jude up and ready, well since he obviously has found a new job of climbing every high thing in our house he was on the counter yet again. Dropped the glass jar that held all the straws. Glass everywhere. I am trying to tiptoe over it and keep Vincent, Jude and the dog back!

This is just a sweet look into life with Luke!:) The kid is non stop, you cannot turn your back on him! It's so funny because he has these CRAZY moments but then I will find him just laying in the toy room with his trains quiet as can be. And when we are around people he is quiet haha. No one ever believes me that he is so full force! So I guess he is one or the other. A bull in a china shop or a mild mouse! I love him to death despite the anxiety he causes me. 
((Beep Beep, get out of my wayyyyyyyy!!!))

I will have to do a post on my mild mannered over the TOP loving man Vincent!:) I am still figuring Jude out, he is typically super calm and smiley but I am not letting him fool me. The take home message is that I need Luke to be glued to my hip (maybe use that maple syrup!?) and I need to keep a better eye on him!! So much for ANY me time for a few years! haha! 


  1. This is SO Carly. She's your typical boy! haha

  2. That's hilarious. My boys have total opposite personalities as well but Dylan is my crazy one! :) it definitely keeps life interesting. Haha

  3. Sounds like he is ALL boy!!! Isn't it crazy how different two kids can be?

  4. Never a dull moment! My little boy is just starting to exhibit signs of this. He's 19 months. Oh boy. This post madew nervous for the future! Good thing they are cute!

  5. Oh my goodness! That boy keeps you on your toes!

  6. Oh man, I thought my son was mischievous.... He's not so bad anymore which is nice. We used to wake up in the middle of the night to sounds of him in the kitchen. He would be sneaking a midnight snack of chocolate!

  7. Hadley is a climber and a get into everything kind of kid too. She dumped the container of flour all over the pantry the other day!

  8. haha so funny... and such a little BOY! :) Look forward to hearing more about your other toy little fellas as well.

  9. Try having two of Luke, that sounds like the shenanigans of his Uncle Alex and his dad (Jordan), so I am sorry Allie, he comes by it naturally. I laughed so hard I was crying. I did not tell you and Jordan when I was babysitting, that he locked the back door and Vincent, Jude, Verner and myself were outside and he had popsicles all over the floor, luckily I had not locked the front door, so I was able to get in that way. I learned my lesson, took the garage door outside with me every time we went out after that. Papa Dewey said he cannot believe that Luke would do any of that stuff, yeah, right!!!

  10. Love it!!! My little man, Charlie, is the same way!! So far I have only caught him in a few completely ridiculous situations like standing on the arm of our lazy boy rocking chair on his tippy toes leaning against the wall peeling pictures off his birthday poster... or using his plastic music table as a step-stool to turn the switch of a tall (unstable) lamp on and off. He tries to climb everything and, in his words, "do it MYself". It's not bad keeping up after him so far but with baby boy #2 due in December I feel like all bets are off :) Keep sharing the fun stories!!!