Wedding Weekend

This past weekend we traveled to see Jordan's twin Alex get married. It was so bittersweet because Alex is totally like a brother to me, so I was all sorts of emotional (loser). Something about wedding vows get me every time. Thankfully I held it together. haha. Jordan's sister is always a crier too, she bawled during their first dance, she cracks me up! Us women have zero filters when it comes to emotions, I think after you have kids your emotional tolerance is like a ZERO, haha!
Anyways, here are pics from the weekend...ENJOY!!
 Jude's baby chicken hair is NUTS! 
 Yes, this is Vincent. ONLY my son would pull this stunt. UGH! 
 And we have a sleeping baby....SCORE! 
 Time for momma to relax a tad ;) 
 Me and my main man! 
 Jordan literally looks so YOUNG. Alex made him shave!! BOOOOO! 
 Another classy act: Apple Juice from a champagne flute! 
 Don't judge me, people! 
 Sister in law's! 
 Jamie's dress was amazing!!! 
 Jordan's siblings and daddy
 The twins and us!:) 
 We had a few meltdowns during the day... lol
 I snuck the couple away for some pics...
 I love this details shot....
 This may be my favorite of the day...
 And a few of the party! 
 The song they danced to made Jennifer cry!! lol 
Proud mama! 
 Vincent was sure the dancer of the evening! haha 
Welcome to the family Jamie! We are so excited to have another sister!:):):)
We keep joking that you will have ALL girls!
I cannot wait to watch and grow with you two!!! xoxoxoxo


  1. What a fun weekend with the family! Congrats on your brother in law's marriage! Vincent cracks me up!

  2. OMG! Her dress is AMAZING!!! Glad you guys had fun!!!

  3. Congrats to your BIL. Her dress is so pretty and I love her ring!! The boys in their suits, ADORABLE!!

  4. LOVE your dress where is it from? love the brides dress, shoes, and ring
    you know he could get arrested for peeing in public right?? TOO FUNNY beyond cute and LOVE
    that you caught the forceful stream on camera heehee

  5. Vincent is so adorable!
    and I love your outfit, so cute!

  6. This photos are awesome!!! Love the peeing ones hahaha. I have said it before and I'll say it again, you have one good looking family! :) Your boys look so handsome all dressed up!

  7. I didn't know Jordan had a twin or such a big family! Vincent in the suit drinking out of the champagne flute! I die! Little old man! And the peeing! Those pictures you took are amazing! I was wondering if you were their photographer or not.

  8. This looks like such a beautiful day. I bet they are so happy you captured so many great memories for them. And your family is adorable as always!

  9. awww, looks like you guys had a lot of fun! and yor family is so darn cute!! i love that you all matched but not in a corny way lol. You look great by the way!

    and sorry, that pic of vincent is absolutely hilarious! i can totally see my lil one doing this when he gets about that age!

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  10. Seriously LOVE her dress!!
    The pics are cute--and you've probably noticed, but your husband and his twin married people with the opposite first initial--I can't help but notice fun things like that!!

    Best wishes to them!

  11. Love her dress! I never realized your hubster had so many siblings, that's fun! Nick is an only child and I only have 1 sis so Carson only has one aunt!!

    Your outfits are all adorable and I can't handle the little blazers on your boys!

  12. I did so well, I did not even cry during the mother/son dance, not like I did at Jordan's wedding. Alex would of yelled at me. Love the pics.

  13. Love the pics! Especially the peeing ones (that will come in handy to embarrass him with later)and the one of her shoes and dress.

  14. You looked beautiful! Who am I kidding, everyone looked beautiful!

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