Where do we go from here...

I have written and deleted this post over and over this weekend. I have thought on exactly what it is that I want to say. Obviously this is horrific and so depressing. 20 innocent children and 6 adults are now not with us. All because of one person's choices. It is sick. Very, very sick.

But I cannot help but think about HOW we got here. How did the world turn to these events, I feel almost numb because it KEEPS happening. I mean in the past 6 months, it has happened in every location that we once felt secure. A movie theater, a shopping mall and now a school.

What are we doing wrong as a country?

I have my theories. One being that we have fully kicked God to the curb. We tip toe around the subject of him and have to make sure NOT to mention him in schools or in public. I refuse to let that be in our family which is obviously why we chose awhile back to homeschool, to let our children be  fully enriched by God's teachings, to be taught and brought up all day with those teachings, not just reserved for Sunday or after school. To practice those teachings throughout the years and have a deep understanding of human life and how precious it is.

I mean there are 26 lives that are NOT here today, it is insanely sad. These lives were taken on a whim, they did not matter to the killer. These 26 families are in so much pain, it makes me cry just thinking about it. I just feel like human life nowadays is not as sacred as it once was. That everyone is only looking out for themselves. Trying to do what they want and not caring about those around them. Obviously not everyone is that way but just seems like countless people are. These men (the killers) are mentally ill. It was overlooked. But why? Why? Where were their friends and family? How were these warning signs not seen or anything done? Obviously hindsight is 20/20, but I just feel like that same "only looking out for me" mentality plays into that. People are so focused on themselves that they do not stop to ask how someone is doing or to offer a smile or kind gesture. I believe in my soul kindness can go a long way. I talked about this before when the Colorado shooting happened. What if these killers would have had a friend, a kind soul who asked how they were and loved them? I just always wonder what if? If we see someone in need of help, we can't just stand back and hope that they are okay. We need to be an active part in helping.

There are so many problems in the world. I just wish we could all love each other and care more. These 26 lives are beautiful, the stories I keep reading about each and everyone is amazing. That they were indeed trying to make a difference in this world, and now their lives are gone. What do we do from here? We carry on in their footsteps, we spread the love that they had. We stand up for what is right, we love with all our hearts and we stop to care for others. Not just to wonder "are they okay" but to actually reach out to those people. To talk to strangers, to smile at others and to take a stand and turn this world around. We need love, we need God and we need this to stop.

That is just my take. xoxo

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Sucky Blogger....but I have a cute 9 month old!:)

This moving thing is killing me slowly.
I never realized how TOUGH it would be to make the move and for us to take on a renovation.
Ever since we signed for the house, Jordan has been here working on it!
Which left me to pack with the boys, lol, who liked to unpack every item possible.
Well I am glad to say we are FINALLY in the house, far from unpacked but we are IN!!:)
Of course I made this whole process even more time consuming by filming with HGTV.
That one 30 minute episode is 5 days of hard work! 
I never in a million years imagined it took 5 days to film! 
We have our last filming this weekend at our new home which means I have to get this stuff together!
I will take pics once things look good! haha!
Our furniture does not fit good at all, which is fine, because we have been planning to get new.
It is just so hard at times to see the BIG picture at the end of the tunnel.
I am not a patient person so this process is slowing me down and helping me to be patient!
I do love our house tough, it is seriously so amazing!
Anyways....get this.
I am seriously in shock! 
Saturday I rocked him and held him close and imagined how crazy it is that he was in my belly for 9 months and now he has been on the outside for 9 months!
It is so surreal. He is amazing. 
God knew that I needed an easy and happy baby after the craziness of Luke!:)
Anyways I will end with a picture of my little man. 

Like my new design!?

Is your blog in a rut? Mine was!!
Let's be serious, the first thing people notice is your blog design.
I had no "design", mine was just something I threw together and my layout
was anything but easy to navigate, which probably turned readers away!
Thankfully the wonderful Kay, who I adore helped me out!
I had never had anyone "design" my blog before but holy smokes, 
It was so much easier than the countless hours I have spent over the years stressing about how to do this or that and how to copy and paste codes and all those annoying technical terms.
I literally picked a color pallet and Kay ran wild with the design!
I wanted something boyish yet semi girly, I like the color combo I chose! 
I literally did NOTHING. She uploaded all of it and did all the work!
It was so amazing to wake up to a fresh new design!
Anyways enough talk,
Kayla is offering a great deal to get her design business up and running! 
25% off her Complete Blog Design Package!
That is ONLY $30 for a complete blog makeover! 
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Tell your hubs this would be a great gift for the holidays, I swear you will not be disappointed!!

Wedded Bliss Wednesday

Hey ladies, Welcome back for another week of Wedded Bliss!
I seriously love this link up!
(Obviously it's the only post I have been doing lately)
But, I just love shining light on our marriage.
I am usually talking about kids and myself, so it's nice to turn the tables!
Obviously I would not be a mom and a wife without my sexy man!
So grab a button and link up!
This week's question is:
If money were NOT an option, what would you buy your husband for Christmas this year?
This one is actually tough! Jordan is the hardest person to buy for as is, because he wants nothing! He is always giving to others! He would much rather give to the needy then to receive anything for himself. If I had the chance I would probably just seriously donate money to the church. That would make him the happiest.
BUT, If I did choose to buy something for him it would be a vacation. Probably the beach or somewhere exotic. We would obviously take the kids since money would not be a problem. I would set up fun excursions for us to do each day and we would just relax and explore. Since the kids would be with us we would need it to be a longer vacation so we could relax as much as possible.
My answer was a tad boring but I love the fact that my hubs is so giving. It makes it hard to give him a gift but I love his heart and soul for how much he cares for others.

Next week 
What is a holiday tradition that you and your husband do or plan to do each year? If you don't have any, what is an idea you could try out this year?!

Disney's The Odd Life of Timothy Green Review & Giveaway!

We were so lucky to be able to view The Odd Life of Timothy Green before it hit the shelves tomorrow! 

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green movie
We sat down with boys and ate some popcorn while we watched the movie this weekend.

It was more for Jordan and I since the boys are still young but they still watched as they played with trains lol
I felt like the movie had a great  storyline and was very positive. It shows the ins and outs of parenting and I love that, the couple is wanting to have a child of their own through adoption. The couple places all their wants for a child in a box and plants it in the garden. After a storm, a 10 year old shows up at their door, covered in mud. He has all the characteristics they ever wanted along with more special traits. I do not want to spoil the entire movie but I will say it gave me a warm feeling after seeing it!
If you are looking for a great movie for kids and adults, give this one a whirl. 
Also if you are like me and love Jennifer Garner, this is a great one! 

If you would like to see the movie, YOU CAN WIN IT here!:)
will receive The Odd Life of Timothy Green DVD!
Just leave a comment telling me what ONE trait you want your children or future children to have!?
((such as honesty, that is my trait that I want my kids to hold true to!))
Giveaway will run until Thursday at noon! xoxo
Good Luck!:) xoxo
PS. DVD will arrive before Christmas!:)