Sucky Blogger....but I have a cute 9 month old!:)

This moving thing is killing me slowly.
I never realized how TOUGH it would be to make the move and for us to take on a renovation.
Ever since we signed for the house, Jordan has been here working on it!
Which left me to pack with the boys, lol, who liked to unpack every item possible.
Well I am glad to say we are FINALLY in the house, far from unpacked but we are IN!!:)
Of course I made this whole process even more time consuming by filming with HGTV.
That one 30 minute episode is 5 days of hard work! 
I never in a million years imagined it took 5 days to film! 
We have our last filming this weekend at our new home which means I have to get this stuff together!
I will take pics once things look good! haha!
Our furniture does not fit good at all, which is fine, because we have been planning to get new.
It is just so hard at times to see the BIG picture at the end of the tunnel.
I am not a patient person so this process is slowing me down and helping me to be patient!
I do love our house tough, it is seriously so amazing!
Anyways....get this.
I am seriously in shock! 
Saturday I rocked him and held him close and imagined how crazy it is that he was in my belly for 9 months and now he has been on the outside for 9 months!
It is so surreal. He is amazing. 
God knew that I needed an easy and happy baby after the craziness of Luke!:)
Anyways I will end with a picture of my little man. 


  1. We purchased our house last year but it was a MAJOR renovation. I mean MAJOR. We had to gut everything and start brand new. Now, a year and a half later we are just now moving this week. It's hard to move period. But I hate moving around the holidays! We don't even have a Christmas tree yet:( Love the picture;)

  2. Cant wait to see pictures of your new beautiful house!
    And how is it possible that sweet Jude is 9 months old already?! He is just the cutest!

  3. What a sweet boy! Happy 9 months!

  4. Can not WAIT to see the show!!! How stinkin' cool!!! And congrats on being in the new house!! I'm dying to see pictures. :) Happy 9 months, sweet boy! xoxo

  5. I cannot believe he is nine months! How did that happen?? Can't wait to see your new house ahhhh!!!!!

  6. So glad you are slowly but surely feeling more and more settled in your new house. Can't wait to see it on HGTV!!! :) happy 9 months to your adorable little guy!

    - Fiona

  7. I will be there to help you. Promise.

  8. I'm so obsessed with that show!!! Iggy tries to stop me from watching it because I always scream about how big the houses are in other parts of the country and want to move lol