DIY Nursery Art

I have decided now that we are in the new house that I want a new updated nursery. We have had the same nursery stuff since Vincent was born and I am wanting something new and modern. I am giving myself a few months to decorate each room and I chose to start with Jude's first. I have TONS of ideas but I wanted to show you most importantly what I made for his walls yesterday! I am obsessed....
This little gem was so easy and CHEAP to make!
You will need:
16x20 Canvas (Hobby Lobby has 2 packs for 8 bucks)
Bold Alphabet Stickers (I bought like 5 packs just in case for like $10)
Craft Paint, your choice of color.
How to make it:
Stick on whatever saying you like...this saying is my all time favorite...
Make sure to press the letters on very securely, I ran my fingernail over them a few times. 
Once the letters are on, paint that bad boy with one layer. 

Once it is covered allow it to dry. I let mine dry for a few hours. 
 Then start peeling the letters....
After the letters were off I added a heart to the top and an "xo" to make it a little more personal from me to my little man Jude!:)
His nursery is going to be yellow and grey and other pops of color but doing just this one canvas made me so excited to get this room done! My fabric also came in this week for his curtains...
and I ordered a rug last night to help tie the room together. 
I will clearly be taking before and after pics because I am going to be repainting his dresser and side table along with adding new hardware to add more character. I am hoping to have this room done by the middle of February or so!!! Hope you love the nursery art as much as I do! 


  1. It's going to look amaze!! Can't wait to see it!!

  2. Are we making Jude's curtains first or the kitchen's. Just let me know.

  3. Love, I can't wait for a tour! ;) I saw that sign on instagram and was wondering how you did the lettering - how simple!

  4. I LOVE this!!! I need to get myself working on baby's nursery---I have a feeling that this baby girl will be residing in a boys' themed room because I can't get myself to get it done:)


  5. i love it!!!

    i tried using letters/stickers and they rolled and pealed up when i was painting. i started using a stencil.

    check out these canvas' maybe you'll be inspired to make something similar!! :)

  6. Such a cute and easy project! :)

  7. Elinore's nursery is gray and yellow too, or more gray and white with areas of yellow. Great color choices!

  8. Ahh can't wait to see it! The canvas is absolutely darling!

  9. This turned out so good! Love it!

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