Holiday Recap....

The holidays were a hot mess in these parts and we are still on the mend.I literally feel like I have been hit by a truck and Vincent who is still asleep near me sounds like an old man breathing and snoring from congestion. We are not a pretty sight. Aside from the sickies, we had an amazing holiday. I did not take many pictures but I did get a few....
 Luke got a train table from Papa...he is uber obsessed. He still refers to them as "Dot Dot EEEEE's" I still have no idea when and why he started that but he will only refer to them as that even though he can CLEARLY say train! He also can pronouce Jude quite effectively but still calls him DODEN? Things I will never understand hahaa
 I got pinteresty and made Vincent a felt tree, he loved it for about 1 day haha
 We took the kids to see Santa...they look so thrilled...
 We froze our behinds off but did lights at the zoo. 
 That darn carousel is their favorite thing! 
 I found out you can do birthday parties at the zoo right beside the carousel, might be on the agenda as I look ahead to 3 parties this year. Oye! 
 Jude even loved it! haha
 The giraffe that sparked TONS of questions on FB. I am going to do a post on this! This beast is in Jordan's dad's house. It is real, he killed it in Africa because it was terrorizing a village. Jordan's sister said I should do a vlog on his dad explaining the story. I agree that might be the most entertaining option! bahaha 
 In true Jude fashion he blew up his diaper right before presents were handed out. In true mother of the year fashion I did not have another outfit BUT I did have a bowtie (makes sense right???) so here is my shirtless Chippendale baby with Santa at Jordan's dad;s house! 
 Here is proof that Vincent liked Santa....
 Until we sat Luke down with him....then they both gave this HAPPY look!:):) 
 Here is JuJu Bean on Christmas, I loved this little cableknit outfit I got him! 
 Little monkey! 
That is really all the pics I took over the holidays, I did not even get a family picture! I guess that is what happens when your kiddos are sick!:( 
As I look forward to next year my main goal is to start homeschooling for the boys, to see if I can handle it! EEEEEEK!
My other goal is to also get back to my roots with photography, I noticed since I started my business that I stopped taking pictures of my kids and our family so my goal is to get back to that and hopefully that will get me back to blogging. I miss blogging so much and reading about you guys, but things have literally been insanity. Now that we are in the house and settling slowly I can get back to it!:)
Here's to my family getting healthy and back to blogging!:)


  1. The Chippendale/Santa pic is priceless!! Made me crack up! Happy New Year!

  2. sounds eerily similar to our christmas with the sickies :( We've passed it back and forth since Christmas eve! love the pics though :)

  3. Jude looks so cute in those last pictures! They all are super cute and it looks like y'all had a great Christmas. I do want to hear more about that giraffe. INSANE!

  4. I'm so sorry y'all have been sick. I feel like everyone is sick right now. So not fun! But glad you had a great holiday!

  5. Christmas came and went so fast and we were all hit by that terrible cold TWICE, so I totally know what you are going through. Your pictures are beautiful! Happy new year :)