I could not resist this....

I got my indoor studio set up yesterday and I have been jonesing to get Jude in there to take a picture with kisses all over him! (PS I am going to do a few photography posts coming up which will include a lot of my tips for beginners and also a DIY indoor studio setup!) Anyways let's get to business! I am not a lipstick person and I did not feel like taking all 3 boys to the store so I had to brainstorm how the heck I could get red lip marks all over Jude....
I went over to the kids craft area and found a red marker and thought to myself "that will take way too freaking long, no thanks!" then I spotted the washable finger paint. I busted out a paint brush and painted my lips and smooched my hand to see what it looked like. TOTAL SUCCESS. It worked amazing because it dried quick so I knew it would not smudge on his skin! When he woke up we went to town on a little mini session! Here are the results! I am obsessed! You guys have to do this ASAP! Perfect for Valentine's Day cards!:) 
 Trying to escape...haha 
 Umm why are there kisses ALL over me mom?
 Making the hilarious parrot noise....
 These eyes....I die! 
 Saved my FAVORITE for last! I just love it! 
Hope you guys are all having an amazing week!


  1. Missing you girlie! How's the house coming?! Jude is gorg. xoxo

  2. Good Gracious, That is adorable!!!

  3. omg! i dont think i can pick a favorite, they are all absolutely adorable. definetly going to have to try this with my lil man!

    also cant wait to see the photography posts!
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  4. He is my new background for the computer here at home.

  5. OBSESSED! I can't even stand how adorable this is! Love it, love it, love it!!! :)