Leaps of Faith....

At times we all take leaps of faith, whether big or small, sometimes we fail 
and sometimes it leads us to amazing places. 
Jordan and I have made a few leaps of faith in our time together and I must say we have been overly blessed. Jordan was working as a chemist and I was a nanny when I found out that I was pregnant with Vincent. It was terrifying to say the least because we were only engaged and Jordan was supposed to be starting his MBA. We had a lot going on and becoming parents was not on our radar, at least not yet. Jordan had said he was going to just work extra and postpone his MBA, I told him there was no way in Gods green earth that he was going to give up on his MBA that easily. So he threaded on, working 40 hours a week and doing his MBA at night, i continued to work as a nanny and then we had Vincent and before he was one we were pregnant with Luke. After Luke we made the decision that even though money would be tight we could make it on just Jordan working and continuing to finish school, so I then became a stay at home mom. He was so determined to get school done and find a new job that he finished school a semester early. 
The job search was anything but exciting, it was in the midst of all the companies downsizing and having hiring freezes, so Jordan opened up his options and looked outside the realm of where he envisioned to be working, which was a 8-5 office higher level manager job in the town we lived in. One day he was approached for a job in sales, not exactly what he had pictured as his dream job but he applied, after 3 rounds of interviews he was offered the job! The risk was we had to move to a new city 2 hours away and he would take a job he had never done or envisioned doing, we rolled with the punches and took a huge leap of faith. We rented a house in our new city for 2 years just to be sure he liked the job and all that jazz. We had no idea what to expect. We had to make all new friends and create our lives in a new place. 
Well here we are 2 years later with another beautiful blessing and we just bought our dream vintage home. I had never in a million years envisioned our life going this way. 
Jordan was also recently named Sales Rep of the Year at his company. If we had never taken either of those leaps of faith we would never be here in this city, surrounded by so many amazing new friends. If you have a chance to do something, do it! Never throw out your dreams and always be open for something different. Jordan never envisioned being in sales and now he is kicking butt at it, I have always been proud of my husband but seeing him be recognized by his peers and company makes me even more proud. They get to see a small part of the amazing man that I get to call my husband! Plus hello, his killer good looks don't hurt! ;) We are very blessed and God is very good and the center of all of this God has been our rock and I know nothing would be possible without our relationship with Him. Keeping God in the center brings everything together. We are a prime example of this! So take a leap of faith if you have the chance!
Happy week friends.


  1. Love you all. Amen to everything you said, Allie. You are so right about it all.

  2. Your post came at the most perfect time for me. My husband and I recently made the decision to move to Texas from New Jersey. I am terrified. I have a one year old and am due with baby number two in May. We have no idea when we'll be leaving but have plans for me to stay put until the baby is born and then at least two months after that which means we'll be away from my husband for a few months, at least weekdays, and there's always the possibility of him missing the birth of our daughter It's a HUGE leap of faith, but your post has given me confidence that it's the best decision we can make for our family. Thank you for that!