Photography 101 with Allie

Alright ladies, welcome to the first of many photography tips with yours truly. I, in no means would ever refer to myself as a professional but I have started a pretty successful Lifestyle Photography business this year and I am in love with taking pictures so I want to share the knowledge I do have with you guys! I am still a work in progress but so much has changed since I began and I know these tips will help you all! If you want to see my work you can visit my photography facebook page
Happy shooting, now onto the post!:) 
So many mommas are hoping on the DLSR bandwagon and amen to! Best decision and investment you could have ever made (in my humble opinion) I am a proud owner of a Canon Rebel XS and I love it, I got rid of the kit lens that came with it (you can easily sell it online on amazon) I shoot primarily with a 50mm 1.8 lens but that lens does not zoom, it is stationary so I use it for close ups and portrait shoots. The other lens I have does zoom, it is the 28-135mm and I love it for family pics and all purpose pics, it is a heftier lens but I have gotten used to it. Alright so here we go, I will probably break this up into multiple posts because there is a lot of info. My personal biggest tip is.....

I remember hearing that shooting in auto with the flash ruins pictures and washes the people's faces out, which is so insanely true, but if it's dark in the room and you want to just capture the moment then snap away. I chose right off the bat to shoot with the "flash off" setting, mainly because I did not understand manual. The button should look like this:
((ps. I know you are all thinking what the frick do allllll those other buttons mean....))
With the flash off you really learn to work with the natural light, which is why my camera is most active during the day. The earth and sun work in our favor to create beautiful pictures, but the sun can sometime create very harsh shadows so try to avoid the sunniest spots, I actually prefer when it is very sunny out to use the shade for pictures. You will find your happy spots that work for you. But shooting in the no flash zone will help you to find these spots. You will notice if it is too dark your shutter speed will be very slow which means it is trying harder to pull all the light in, when this happens it is not the most optimal time to be shooting on that setting, which is where manual comes in handy. But that is for the next post. Work with the no flash setting for a few days, weeks however long it takes you to find your groove. I shot in no flash mode for a long time until I switched to manual and sometimes when manual irritates me and I just want to capture the moment. But that is my first advice....turn off the flash. 
Here is a comparison of what flash does to your picture vs not using it. 
This one is clearly with the "no-flash" setting, notice how natural it looks.
This is taken right after the other with the auto flash setting. Notice how harsh the flash is 
on Vincent's face and the entire area of the picture. 
So, work on it, turn that flash off and use the natural light that is all around us during the day. You will find there are certain hours of the day where the lighting is just perfect! I hope that was informative, or at least a little. I do not want these posts to be LONG bc then they will be borrrrring! 
So I wanna keep them short and sweet! 
If you have any questions or something you want to see in the future posts, leave a comment and ask away.
If the questions are over my head I have an amazing friend who can probably guest post!:)


  1. My house is SO dark and I feel like it lacks natural light which sucks. I'm still getting used to my DSLR and I've had it for almost 2 years now! I really need to practice better photography.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Quite by accident I found the perfect spot in my house - the guest bedroom - to take photos of my son. The afternoon light is wonderful with the blinds closed (they're white, so quite a bit of light gets in). :)

  3. I've been trying to use no flash lately...and I needed to read this because the no flash has been frustrating me! I agree it always looks better without flash, but lately, my camera light just blinks at me and won't take the picture at. all. when I don't use a flash. It tries really hard to focus and then no matter how long I press down the button, it won't take.

    Is my camera not working right, or does that just mean there isn't enough light and it's rebelling against me?

  4. Love this, Allie :-) Great idea!!

  5. Im so excited to read these posts!! I've had my dslr for over a year and have no clue how to use it :) these posts will come in handy o thank you

  6. Huh, I'd never ever thought of shooting with the flash off. My dad gave me his old DSLR after my twins were born but I've always shot with the flash on becaus eI kind of thought it was either flash or manual. It never occurred to me that I could do flash off and not be in manual. Thanks for the tip, I'll try it out until I'm ready to move to manual :)

  7. I've had my Canon Rebel XR (I think) for 5 or 6 years & still haven't figured it out! But, I'm the world's worst at reading manuals lol