Toy Room Process

Yesterday I showed you guys our living room and told you the toyroom connected to it, so today I am showing you the toyroom which also doubles as my photography studio because the lighting is amazing.

The room was a blank slate to start with....the carpet had to go instantly because I knew the kids would be laying on it and crawling on it so that was the first thing to hit the road....
The before........
The room is giant so it was hard to get pics of every inch of it.....
We installed carpet tiles vs carpet bc we have a dog who likes to ruin things so we can just rip up the tiles when they are ruined and replace them...cheaper than replacing the entire carpet!
The one side of the room is my little photography studio and storage area.
Yes there is a plane hanging from the ceiling, it flies in a circle haha
There is also a skylight over the area which is great! I just set it all up when I have a session...
PS that tiny door connects to the one I showed you yesterday in the living room....
Its the boys secret passage!:)
The other side of the room is TOY MANIA! 

 Like I said this room connects off the living room which is great! 
The room used to be outdoors but was enclosed which is funny because Jordans office is enclosed.
If you look back over by my "studio" side you can see his window....
It's nice because he can watch the boys too if he wants while working.
There you have it, the toyroom and my little studio side!!

More house to come!:)

New Living Room...

Since we moved in we have really only painted the living room, but I just wanted to get some pics up of the house for those of you who keep asking haha!! I am a slacker but there is not one room yet that is fully done. This room still needs it's window treatments and also pictures hung, it is super bland but I am in LOVE with the room. Sometimes I just lay on the couch and think about everyone else who has lived in the house, the home was built in 1928 so I wonder what events took place in this room and just all the love that was shared. I love this house with every ounce of my being and am so grateful we are the new owners....
The room is so HARD to photograph and catch all it's glory! 
 The opposite side of the room. See the balcony...yah we had to put another railing bc it was terrifying! 
 I love the fireplace. I am thinking a huge monogram on the wall above it bc I am doing a shelf of pictures on the wall to the left so I don't want too much picture action going on! 
 The ceilings are my favorite....the white part in between is just sheets of insulation we are considering taking them out because underneath is more beautiful wood. One of the sheets already fell down so we are trying to figure out what to do with it! 
 I am OBSESSED with the windows. Leaded glass with lots of cool details! 
 The little nook that I have yet to do anything with, that tiny door is the boys favorite thing ever, it is the old firewood door and it now leads to the enclosed toyroom so the boys are always going in and out of it. 
The walls look bleach white but they are actually a warmer oatmeal color in person. 
There you have it for the living room, it is still a work in progress but I love it. At some point we will get new furniture and make the room flow better but for now it works! I cannot wait to do more with this room!

PS Our episode of House Hunters will air end of March or early April....I will be sure to update you guys!

Photography Update...Props needed!

I am so blessed for my photography business to have taken off so well.
I am honestly overwhelmed at it, and so grateful that my schedule is filling up so quickly.
This one kills me....
(Obviously this is our trial run for bunny sessions next weekend)

I am now getting to the point that I want to work with vendors of kids accessories.
Obviously being a boy mom I only have BOY things and am now in need of girls stuff.
What I am looking for:
Shops that sell kids accessories; Headbands, Hats, Ties, Bowties, Banners, anything that I can use in sessions for my clients.

What you will get from me:
Product Photos (items on their own and also on clients) to use on your site. I will promote your products in every photo they are used in on facebook, blog and site. 

We can work out details for each person but I am thinking we would switch items out every few months where I will return them to you after they are done being photographed and all that jazz.

I feel like this will be beneficial to everyone involved. 
I only want to take on a few shops, maybe 3 so please email me if you are interested at

I look forward to hearing from some of you shops and both of us benefiting from this partnership! 

Mommy Confession....

Somedays I just walk into Judes room while he is sleeping and just watch him.....
Anyone else guilty of this!?
I just love every single ounce of this kid. 
I am in complete shock that he will be one in less than 2 weeks.
Until then I am soaking all of this in.

Instant Mood Booster....

These two cuties make me smile from ear to ear! 
I could watch them daily! 
I just love Sophia Grace and Rosie and their cute accents....
Here is a little back story on the two of them and why Rosie does not sing with her...
I mean it's probably the cutest thing ever when she says it....
I die....
Hope you enjoy these as much as me...

Moms On The Go and new venture....

A few of you already know but about 6 months ago we started a local weekly segment on the news.
It consists of 3 of us, myself, Lisa and Molly.
I am honestly so blessed to have such great friends like Molly and Lisa,
if you watch you will see how we met...BLOGGING!:)
Last week we reintroduced ourselves on our segment....
Here you have it....

The business they run is Tru Grit they do marketing and branding and kick ass at it!

We have so much exciting things coming up with local charities that I am so excited for.
Let's just say one of my favorite Bachelor's that we met last year is helping us with our first event....
Jude and Bob....
You guys remember Bob Guiney right??? If not shame on you and your reality show skills!:)
I can't wait to share all the details with you guys about the event.
If you live close I would LOVE for you to come out to the event and help us!
More info to come!

BackPack Learning

I was introduced to Tiffany one of the owners of BackPack Learning from mutual friends.
It fell right into my lap after deciding to homeschool the boys, what a perfect fit.
BackPack Learning is a company headed by 2 moms and previous teachers. 
They create learning kits for children with tons of activities to encourage learning outside the classroom.
I knew that I instantly would want each pack they offered but of course Vincent is not even 4 yet
so I have to keep my learning supply buying to a minimum! haha! 
Note to self: You can only get away with so many "this is for their school" purchases in one month, 
I have since honed in on this skill....
Anyways, BackPack Learning had a sale after the new year and anytime I hear the word sale it speaks to me. :) I snagged up the Letters and Sounds Mini Pack since it fit Vincent's skill level. 
I figured not only would this be great for at home but it will be great for when we travel!
It all comes in a handy "backpack" which Vincent loves.
(people always ask about our table and chairs, they are from Ikea, I love them!)
 A look at what's in the pack...there are about 7 games and you could also add on your own games as well.
 Vincent just loves doodling on the writing mat.
Check out his "smiley face!" :)
 So far Vincent can already write a few letters and numbers.
This just encourages more learning in a fun manner. I let him just play with this stuff and he loves the games.
This is really a great resource for parents. To bring FUN learning into the house is key, whether or not you choose to homeschool or send your kids to school, it doesn't matter. Learning is always something that should be pushed and made fun for your kids! They are sponges at this early age so I am pushing as much learning as I can so they will grow up with a love for it! Vincent always asks to "go to school" which means we get out our supplies and learn! 
Check out BackPack Learning for your kiddos or even for gift options! Much better gift than some toy that will get forgotten about (in my opinion) 
Happy Learning friends! 

Balloons and Static...

Oh the world through your children's eyes....
Seriously it is so beautiful.
We had a few balloons floating around the house from a celebration.
I figured that I would take one and show Vincent some "magic"
You know the magic that comes when you rub on on your head and stick it to the wall.
Ya, that old trick. 
Well to a child that trick is the bees knees! 
I mean come on...look at the excitement in his face over it sticking to the wall!
He was so pumped over this trick.
His cuteness literally kills me!
See, there are these tiny easy learning things you can do daily.
It took Vincent a few tries and lots of rubbing on his hair to perfect it!
But oh boy he was happy to show his new skill off.
All you need is a balloon and a wall!:)
and a cute kid who is ready to learn...
Vincent, I enjoy teaching you these small things every day.
You are such a light in my life little man!

TOMS on Zulily...

It's no secret of my live for Toms on my boys. 
They are the cutest shoe known to man kind, and I am personally obsessed with their womens line. 
These are my two most loved pairs...
I got the boys blue and red, they are only 18.99!! These cuties never go on sale!
I am sure 99% of you already know about zulily but if not it is amazing! Sign up and start saving! 

Team Issy.....Help!

I talked last week a small amount about Team Issy. 

If you are blessed enough to know Kelli, you love her. I am so lucky to have met her through blogging and her birth story radio show. She is a bright light in the world and hands down the most upbeat person I have ever met. I rarely if ever have heard Kelli talk much about Issy before this, I mean she would OBVIOUSLY talk about her daughter but what I mean is that she would never complain. She is always upbeat about every aspect of her life and Issy's life. But they need HELP! LOTS of it! Issy's behavior has turned very aggressive resulting in Kelli being injured, beat unconscious by Issy's outbursts. 
A look at one of the typical attacks.
NO ONE WILL HELP. NO ONE. NO agency, no doctors, no insurance companies.

Being a mom Kelli and doing what had to be done, Kelli found a facility.

Issy needs treatment and is getting it BUT the state will only cover 30 days. Taking her out would be VERY detrimental to the whole treatment process.
The facility is 765.00 a day.

Her wonderful community set up a page and have helped to fund an addition 36 days, to total 66 days. That is amazing BUT Issy needs 280 days to complete a full treatment.

Our goal is to bring AWARENESS to autism and get Kelli on Ellen to talk about this and MAYBE try to get funding for Issy. No one talks openly about this side of autism and a lot of families are in Kelli's shoes with NO ANSWERS. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to get NO help on this. 

PLEASE if you are on twitter follow @TeamIssy

Tweet as many tweets as possible to @TheEllenShow with hashtags #teamissy #autism or just RT the tweets from the Team Issy page on twitter. We need this to be heard. 
All it takes is a few clicks....
**The reason I know this will work is because we have a local lady who has cancer who wanted to take a shot with Scott Disick for her bucketlist, they started a twitter campaign and tweeted him like crazy....guess what? They got a hold of him and he flew here and took a shot with her, even gave her a rolex! Social media is powerful**

If you are on FB 'like' Team Issy

If you know someone who can help push this in the media or anyway possible please reach out. 

I once heard a quote "When you become a mother, you become a mother to everyone else's kids" and this is oh so true. Issy is not my daughter but I will stand by Kelli and fight as if she was my own. 

Peace Out Swiss Miss....Homemade Hot Cocoa Recipe!

Toss out those store bought packets and make hot cocoa from scratch!
It tastes 100 times better and is so easy!
You will never want to open a pack of swiss-miss again! 
You will need a few things:
Cold weather
4 cups milk
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/3 cup water
1/2 cup white sugar
Whip cream is optional but I advise to go for it! 

First measure out the goods.
 Heat those 3 on high in a pan on your stove. Bring them to a boil and stir for 1-2 minutes.
Then add 4 cups of milk and heat until the temperature is just right! 
Then you are done. Pour desired amount into cups and add whip cream! 
 I pour the left overs into a glass jug and just leave it in the fridge until someone wants more.
Never lasts more than 1-2 days! 

To see or not to see.....

Lasik....that is the question!?
I have been blind as a bat since I can remember, like seriously.
My eye sight is TERRIBLE....there is no way I could function without glasses or contacts.
I knew one day I would buckle down and get lasik.
Well that is not so easy when you have been pregnant and nursing for the past almost 5 years.
Did you know that you cannot get it when you are either of those?
Well now I am OFFICIALLY done nursing and not pregnant so I have to get it ASAP!
And I really want to....except I am terrified....
I don't know what it is but slicing my eye ball does not sound all that fun to me.
(Jordan said he heard it's all laser this true!?!?)
Jordan is urging me to go get a consultation and sign up to get it done ASAP.
I am just dragging my feet....
Please tell me good stories or else I will be sporting glasses and contacts forever....