#1 Reason I love Blogging...Join US!

I am always overwhelmed by the amount of love that comes anytime I post something that I need help with.
Last Friday I shared the awkward pains I have been experiencing.
I got countless comments, emails and messages from so many of you.
I cannot thank you enough, seriously.
Hearing things you have been through or know about help me so much.
My main purpose of the post was to gain any knowledge you guys may have had on the pains.

My father in law is a chiropractor and came over yesterday.
He gave me gobs of amazing natural supplements and tons of advice.
We are going to try to cure this naturally since my blood tests were all normal and the
regular doctors seemed puzzled.
The regular doctor of course just gave me high dose pills to stop the pain and then also muscle relaxers, which I refuse to take, I was like HELLO, I have 3 kids I cannot be on a muscle relaxer.

I am trying my father in laws approach. 
His first advice was CHILL THE FRICK OUT.
I have crazy anxiety that causes me to not be able to sleep, 
Which brought up his other advice...SLEEP!!
He gave me supplements to clear out the toxins from processed foods and junk.
I am typically a pretty healthy eater but I really need to stay focused.

Today is day 2 of my supplements, 
I can already tell you that my mood and energy is up.
The stuff he gave me for anxiety has been proven to work as well as prozac!?
I am all for anything that is natural for my body.
Here's to a trial run of these supplements and getting more sleep.
I pray to God that this is the answer. 

Next reason I love blogging is being able to spread awareness and help others.
This is where I am asking for YOUR HELP.
My dear friend Kelli, whom I met from (you guessed it) blogging and twitter
has a sweet daughter Issy who is autistic. 
Issy's agressive tantrums have ended her up in a treatment facility.
Read Kelli's heartwrenching post here
(The video is very scary)
That treatment facility is $765 a day....
A DAY....
Issy's insurance coverage blows, because they do not view autism for what it is.
Issy needs to stay in the facility to help her recover.

Her community has already raised enough money for 20 extra days.
We are trying to bring awareness to this and get more covered by insurance or by donors.
What I need from you is HELP...
We are going to run a blog and twitter campaign.
Our goal is to get Kelli on Ellen! 
To be able to talk about autism and bring awareness and to save her daughter!
Send me your email if you are willing to help.
We will be emailing out our plan of action this week.
So far we have a lot of bloggers on board so please leave your email address
and join us.

Us moms have power. 
We have power to change things.
We need to ban together.

I once read a quote that once you become a mom, you become everyone's mom.
Issy is not my daughter. She is Kelli's.
But you better believe I will fight for her alongside Kelli as if she were my own flesh and blood.

Please join us.
'Like' Team Issy on FB
Follow @teamissy on Twitter.

*Leave your email if you want to join us!*


  1. I'm glad you are trying the all natural approach! Good luck! What is the natural supplement for anxiety? I get ulcer like pains from too much anxiety and would love to hear about a natural supplement.

  2. THANK YOU so much for sharing Kelli's story!
    I can't begin to share just how fearful myself & my husband are of this possibly being the scenario once our Autistic son grows up and gets bigger [he'll be 6 this April].
    We too experience A LOT of tantrum, mood, emotional, and physical fights with our son already - my heart goes out to Kelli, and I will show this strong mother support any way that I can for her :)

  3. I'm with Jen! I need an all natural anxiety battler. I'm not doing so hot lately.

  4. Yes please tell what you are using for anxiety i struggle with it and refuse to go to the doctor because i don't want them to put me on all these crazy meds!