BackPack Learning

I was introduced to Tiffany one of the owners of BackPack Learning from mutual friends.
It fell right into my lap after deciding to homeschool the boys, what a perfect fit.
BackPack Learning is a company headed by 2 moms and previous teachers. 
They create learning kits for children with tons of activities to encourage learning outside the classroom.
I knew that I instantly would want each pack they offered but of course Vincent is not even 4 yet
so I have to keep my learning supply buying to a minimum! haha! 
Note to self: You can only get away with so many "this is for their school" purchases in one month, 
I have since honed in on this skill....
Anyways, BackPack Learning had a sale after the new year and anytime I hear the word sale it speaks to me. :) I snagged up the Letters and Sounds Mini Pack since it fit Vincent's skill level. 
I figured not only would this be great for at home but it will be great for when we travel!
It all comes in a handy "backpack" which Vincent loves.
(people always ask about our table and chairs, they are from Ikea, I love them!)
 A look at what's in the pack...there are about 7 games and you could also add on your own games as well.
 Vincent just loves doodling on the writing mat.
Check out his "smiley face!" :)
 So far Vincent can already write a few letters and numbers.
This just encourages more learning in a fun manner. I let him just play with this stuff and he loves the games.
This is really a great resource for parents. To bring FUN learning into the house is key, whether or not you choose to homeschool or send your kids to school, it doesn't matter. Learning is always something that should be pushed and made fun for your kids! They are sponges at this early age so I am pushing as much learning as I can so they will grow up with a love for it! Vincent always asks to "go to school" which means we get out our supplies and learn! 
Check out BackPack Learning for your kiddos or even for gift options! Much better gift than some toy that will get forgotten about (in my opinion) 
Happy Learning friends! 

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  1. We got the MathPack from BackPack Learning and its such an engaging example of how learning can be fun. For all you educators out there it aligns seamlessly with the academic common core standards. Allie, I can't wait to hear all about your home school journey. Vincent looks so adorable and scholarly.