Bye Bye Bye.....

Today is Ash Wednesday and begins the lenten season. 
I did not grow up catholic, or even religious so this is really my 5th Lent season.
Crap, lets be serious,I have never had a real lent season where I have FULLY followed through.
40 days is pretty freaking tough for anything.
The first few years I "gave up" chocolate, which did not work when those girl scout cookies arrived.
I really have very little will power which is something I really need to work on.

I am obviously now a mom and I need to step it up and be a leader for the boys.
They are now getting to the age where they mimmick and know exactly what is going on.
How embarrassing if they saw mommy sneaking chocolate during lent.
(Which is why I am not giving up chocolate)
I mean Jesus died for us. He suffered for us. And I can't even sacrifice damn chocolate for 40 days.
It is pretty sad on my part.

This year I am giving up carbs, really anything with wheat and flour.
(I will keep the fruit carbs like bananas and apples)
I am going to stick with meat, fruits and veggies.
This will obviously benefit me because of the crappy pain my body has been in.
But carbs are somewhat a weak spot for me so it is going to be tough to not grab a few pieces of cereal when the boys are eating it or a few handfuls of Pirate's Booty.
It is going to be rough.
I am going to look at those carbs and sing N*Syncs "Bye Bye Bye!"!

On the flip side:
I am going to also add blogging and photography daily.
I love this blog and I really want to keep on top of it and give it the attention it needs.
So I will be blogging everyday, not full lengthy things but just a nice post daily
most likely with pictures of these little cuties and our day.
And lots of house update pics since I will finally make it a point!
I am also going to make sure the rosary gets done daily.
We do it as a family but sometimes when Jordan travels I skip it.
It's hard to get all 3 boys to be quiet the entire time alone, but I am going to push myself.
I owe it to God, my husband who is our spiritual leader (and a hot one at that!!)
and I owe it to myself. I am nothing without God, He created me and He blessed me with this life.

So there you have it, my lenten season in a nutshell.
Pray for me to stick to it this year!
They say it takes 30 days to form a habit so lent is a great time to take away
something or add something as well. 

What's on your list?


  1. Hi! Allie,

    I have cut carbs/sugars(of course not natural from the fruit) over the last 30 days & well I always consider myself as having good will power so if I put my mind to it I just don't even play with the idea of having a little. Easier for me to just don't have any of anything I am not supposed to. Anyhow, it's a little hard in the beggining but soon you'll feel great, my energy is much better & even my skin has improved & almost disapear. (I got some acne lately & I blame it on the change of hormones after having my son) anyhow in addition I have lost 10 pounds so I am sure you'll do great & the best is you can eat all you can vegetables, meats & fruits so you really don't feel like you are starving & it's not to hard

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  3. Allie,
    Last year was my first Lent but I wasn't Catholic yet. I was baptized at the Easter Vigil. I decided that I wanted to take food to the elder/home bound people in our area. Unfortunately this didn't work out at all... I'm not sure if it was lack of will power plus the combination of not knowing anyone in our area since we had just moved there. This year though I guess is my first real Lent, I am planning on changing my priorities. My husband and I got married last June, and truthfully he hasn't been one of my top priorities for various reasons including my grandpa being ill and his passing in October. 2013 has been the exact same way were Keith has been at the bottom of my list. He told me it's ok that he understands that my family comes first. That statement simply broke my heart because it isn't ok and he is my family especially since we are expecting our first bundle of joy in August. I thought now is the time to get my things in order. I remember from our pre-martial sessions that Father told us that in our marriage God should come first, then our spouse, then children, and then our families. So that is what I am planning on doing, putting God first and my husband.
    I love how you and your husband do the rosary with your children. I was telling Keith the other day that we have to be more comfortable with doing things like that together so we can set examples and teach our children. Since I am not familiar with most of the prayers or with the new mass, I am going to add learning those to my list as well. I would have never of thought of it until I read your post. And I am sure you will have the will power to this time around to stick with it. It seems like your heart is in the right place to ensure your success. :)
    Oh and please feel free to offer any advice! I am all ears!! :)

  4. Lent is one of my very favorite times of the year because I crave the challenge to better myself, yet I'm lazy the rest of the year in trying to do it. I found myself in a rut of what to give up (cradle Catholic) so I joined a fb page called What To Give Up where they post something for each day. I'm looking forward to lots of short lived challenges lol!

    I love that you recognize that your boys need to see your faith, and it sounds like you are doing an amazing job incorporating that into your life!

  5. Hey love= I know it has been so long since I have commented (on any blog really) but I love this post and I think it is so touching! You are so right with Jesus making the ultimate sacrifice so we can do a bit more- I am gluten free (wheat-all of it) so if I can help let me know! xoxo