Canvas Deal Alert

Its no secret that I love canvases.
I have maybe like 15 in the house, I have 3 giant ones in the nursery alone! haha
Canvas People are running a great deal right now. 
You get 50% OFF and FREE SHIPPING on all canvases!
(This offer is only for my blog readers!)
EVEN the HUGE ones!! 
I am not sure how long the deal is good for so stock up!


  1. The link in your site did not work so I went to canvas and didn't find anywhere where they were having 50% off free shipping where did you find this deal

    1. It's a special for my blog let me redo the link for ya!

    2. I am so glad you told me!! I added a picture link and checked it to make sure it works! It should work now!!! I emailed you also!! Thanks so much hun! xo

    3. Thanks! Def checking it out once I put my lil pumpkin to bed! That's a great deal & his nursery is in dire need of wall art!! Lord knows I take enough pix to choose from! ;)

  2. Yay!! Thanks so much for sharing Allie:) Big hugs.

  3. Thank you tons for this. How many times can I use it? When is the deal over?

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