Happy Almost Valentine's Day from Jude....

I tried to get Jude to do a small session the other day.
I swear anytime I try he does not smile! 
Oh well, here was our shot at Valentine's day pics!
"Mom why the heck does my outfit say love you? You already know I love you!"

When all else fails...just focus on cute baby feet!:)

"Yeah ladies, I know I am a hunk muffin!"
xoxo to all you cute baby girls out there
Yours truly,
Judey Bot Bot


  1. Those Pictures are adorable!

  2. Way too cute! I want to do a photo shoot with Carson up on a little crate like that but I'm scared that once I get back far enough to take the picture he'll be falling off head first! Any tips? :)

  3. He is too cute! I love that outfit!....I swear kids have a built in camera detection because Seren always stops smiling the second I pull out my camera!