Judey Bot Bot!

Our poor children seriously get so many nicknames...
JuJu Bean, Judey Bot Bot, Judey Boozie, the list could go on and on....
I am in shock that I am planning his first birthday its only a little over a month away.
I am dying inside thinking that he is going to be ONE....
I know this is my third time through this but the feeling never fades.
My tiniest is becoming a toddler...
He is slowly turning into his brothers....
 He laughs like them, and acts just like they do. He mimics everything. 
He is slowly losing his chubby cheeks and legs. 
 My most favorite part about Jude is all I have to do is look at him.
Just one look and he grins the world's BIGGEST SMILE. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. 
Jude finally got teeth this past month....
I was starting to think we'd have the world's only toothless kid.
He popped 6 at ONCE! 
While it breaks my heart that my baby is becoming a little man right before my eyes I feel nothing but joy.
Joy, because I know that he will soon be where his brothers are. 
The toddler stage; talking, walking, sharing more emotions with me. 
 My heart is nothing but FULL, every single day! 
Here's to the rest of this beautiful years of firsts. I will be soaking them in!
Now time to start planning that birthday party, any ideas!? haha


  1. I am feeling the way same. It feels like Kendall is growing at lightning speed and I feel like if I blink I'm gonna miss something. He is adorable and I think he looks like luke. I can't believe he's gonna be ONE already.

  2. Great pictures! His hair cracks me up!! We have that walker and Carson LOVES it! If you click the little shapes into place over the #'s he's goes bonkers and takes them off immediately! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, he is adorable, and certainly getting so big, so quickly!! :) One so soon!!

  4. This post about Jude makes my heart so happy! I feel like just yesterday you all were welcoming him to the family. What a great year it's been for your family!