Moms On The Go and new venture....

A few of you already know but about 6 months ago we started a local weekly segment on the news.
It consists of 3 of us, myself, Lisa and Molly.
I am honestly so blessed to have such great friends like Molly and Lisa,
if you watch you will see how we met...BLOGGING!:)
Last week we reintroduced ourselves on our segment....
Here you have it....

The business they run is Tru Grit they do marketing and branding and kick ass at it!

We have so much exciting things coming up with local charities that I am so excited for.
Let's just say one of my favorite Bachelor's that we met last year is helping us with our first event....
Jude and Bob....
You guys remember Bob Guiney right??? If not shame on you and your reality show skills!:)
I can't wait to share all the details with you guys about the event.
If you live close I would LOVE for you to come out to the event and help us!
More info to come!

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