New Living Room...

Since we moved in we have really only painted the living room, but I just wanted to get some pics up of the house for those of you who keep asking haha!! I am a slacker but there is not one room yet that is fully done. This room still needs it's window treatments and also pictures hung, it is super bland but I am in LOVE with the room. Sometimes I just lay on the couch and think about everyone else who has lived in the house, the home was built in 1928 so I wonder what events took place in this room and just all the love that was shared. I love this house with every ounce of my being and am so grateful we are the new owners....
The room is so HARD to photograph and catch all it's glory! 
 The opposite side of the room. See the balcony...yah we had to put another railing bc it was terrifying! 
 I love the fireplace. I am thinking a huge monogram on the wall above it bc I am doing a shelf of pictures on the wall to the left so I don't want too much picture action going on! 
 The ceilings are my favorite....the white part in between is just sheets of insulation we are considering taking them out because underneath is more beautiful wood. One of the sheets already fell down so we are trying to figure out what to do with it! 
 I am OBSESSED with the windows. Leaded glass with lots of cool details! 
 The little nook that I have yet to do anything with, that tiny door is the boys favorite thing ever, it is the old firewood door and it now leads to the enclosed toyroom so the boys are always going in and out of it. 
The walls look bleach white but they are actually a warmer oatmeal color in person. 
There you have it for the living room, it is still a work in progress but I love it. At some point we will get new furniture and make the room flow better but for now it works! I cannot wait to do more with this room!

PS Our episode of House Hunters will air end of March or early April....I will be sure to update you guys!


  1. Wow. Your house looks amazing. I love the high ceilings and that ceiling is awesome. I love it. Can't wait to see more pics. Good job mama

  2. Wowza!!! Girl it's stunning!!!! Those windows& ceiling!!!

  3. Oh my goodness I just died...that room is amazing. You can't even reproduce that kind of character if you tried. Seriously, the windows, that ceiling, the fireplace....I am dying over the potential of that room! I can't wait to see it develop as you guys live there!

  4. Wow that is an impressive it!

  5. WOW...gorgeous!! The details are amazing. And so cozy! I could definitely curl up with a hot cup of joe and good book in that room. :)



  7. So pretty! I'm in love with the windows! And that little secret passage door? HOW FUN! Your boys are going to make such great memories growing up in this house!

  8. Your home is amazing. We have a house that was built in 1940. The previous owner sent a letter to us telling us what she knew of the houses history and we treasure it. We now know it was built by a local doctor and his wife, his wife started the 1st kindergarten in town in our basement and a previous owners grand daughter got married in front of our fireplace. I love living in a house that has a history.