Photography Update...Props needed!

I am so blessed for my photography business to have taken off so well.
I am honestly overwhelmed at it, and so grateful that my schedule is filling up so quickly.
This one kills me....
(Obviously this is our trial run for bunny sessions next weekend)

I am now getting to the point that I want to work with vendors of kids accessories.
Obviously being a boy mom I only have BOY things and am now in need of girls stuff.
What I am looking for:
Shops that sell kids accessories; Headbands, Hats, Ties, Bowties, Banners, anything that I can use in sessions for my clients.

What you will get from me:
Product Photos (items on their own and also on clients) to use on your site. I will promote your products in every photo they are used in on facebook, blog and site. 

We can work out details for each person but I am thinking we would switch items out every few months where I will return them to you after they are done being photographed and all that jazz.

I feel like this will be beneficial to everyone involved. 
I only want to take on a few shops, maybe 3 so please email me if you are interested at

I look forward to hearing from some of you shops and both of us benefiting from this partnership! 

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