Super Bowl Confession Sesh.

The superbowl is tomorrow right?
See I do not even know, ((nor do I really even care))
If this were a cheerleading competition I would know all the details.
Or maybe even a Real Housewives reunion....
THEN I would know what the heck was going on! 
We all have our priorities, people! 
Anyways, when I hear the word Super Bowl all it equates to in my mind is FOOD.
I love food if you did not know. 
I love making any type of food, but mainly I love baking and making yummy treats!
The one thing I will be making for the day is my favorite Buffalo Chicken Dip!
I am borderline obsessed with it! 
I also found out my dip was featured on Food Beast last week on their 21 steamy dips.
One thing I wanted to add since I made the dip last year is that I now eat it with Red Peppers....
I can not even explain how amazing it is. 
The cool crisp sweet crunch of the peppers makes the dip even more amazing....
So if you are making this tomorrow get some peppers, you can also do green and yellow.
PS. Because I am also obsessed with this I made it into a pizza....ahhhhhmazing! 
Happy Super Bowl (I will be dreaming of a Real Housewives reunion show instead!)


  1. Favorite dip hands down! umm not even sure who is playing tomorrow hubby is working so probably wont even watch.. gasp! how un-american I know ;)

    1. haha we are rebels Kriston! PS I love you and your sisters blog!!! xoxo

  2. I only watch the Puppy Bowl and maybe half-time. I had buffalo chicken dip yesterday at Convocation. Yum! Yum!