Team Issy.....Help!

I talked last week a small amount about Team Issy. 

If you are blessed enough to know Kelli, you love her. I am so lucky to have met her through blogging and her birth story radio show. She is a bright light in the world and hands down the most upbeat person I have ever met. I rarely if ever have heard Kelli talk much about Issy before this, I mean she would OBVIOUSLY talk about her daughter but what I mean is that she would never complain. She is always upbeat about every aspect of her life and Issy's life. But they need HELP! LOTS of it! Issy's behavior has turned very aggressive resulting in Kelli being injured, beat unconscious by Issy's outbursts. 
A look at one of the typical attacks.
NO ONE WILL HELP. NO ONE. NO agency, no doctors, no insurance companies.

Being a mom Kelli and doing what had to be done, Kelli found a facility.

Issy needs treatment and is getting it BUT the state will only cover 30 days. Taking her out would be VERY detrimental to the whole treatment process.
The facility is 765.00 a day.

Her wonderful community set up a page and have helped to fund an addition 36 days, to total 66 days. That is amazing BUT Issy needs 280 days to complete a full treatment.

Our goal is to bring AWARENESS to autism and get Kelli on Ellen to talk about this and MAYBE try to get funding for Issy. No one talks openly about this side of autism and a lot of families are in Kelli's shoes with NO ANSWERS. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to get NO help on this. 

PLEASE if you are on twitter follow @TeamIssy

Tweet as many tweets as possible to @TheEllenShow with hashtags #teamissy #autism or just RT the tweets from the Team Issy page on twitter. We need this to be heard. 
All it takes is a few clicks....
**The reason I know this will work is because we have a local lady who has cancer who wanted to take a shot with Scott Disick for her bucketlist, they started a twitter campaign and tweeted him like crazy....guess what? They got a hold of him and he flew here and took a shot with her, even gave her a rolex! Social media is powerful**

If you are on FB 'like' Team Issy

If you know someone who can help push this in the media or anyway possible please reach out. 

I once heard a quote "When you become a mother, you become a mother to everyone else's kids" and this is oh so true. Issy is not my daughter but I will stand by Kelli and fight as if she was my own. 

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  1. Does she live in one of the few states where insurance doesn't have to cover Autism? What resources has she looked into in the community and state for help?

    I hope everything works out. I feel lucky and blessed to have all the assistance I need with my child who has Autism-- I wish they could have the same thing.