To Attend or Not to Attend...that is the QUESTION!

Okay guys, I have been wanting to attend a blog conference bc everytime you all post about yours
I am uber jealous sitting here stalking your pictures in my yoga pants, with glasses on, 
wishing I was dressed all cute and fashionable and hanging out with someone 
who actually understood the words coming out of my mouth! 
Sure, sure Vincent is slowly catching on but this momma needs some GIRL TIME!
Plus who better to hang out with than fellow bloggers!
((we are the coolest people on earth, obviously))

Anywho, I got the invite last week and have been pondering this one!
Bloggy Conference
First of all...HELLO. Cedar Point. By far one of my favoritest places in the world.
It's literally only an HOUR away from me. So this should be a no brainer people!
The tickets are very cheap and reasonable.
It would be a great chance to finally meet some of you guys in person!

Here are the quick details....
September 13-15, 2013 
Tickets are only $73!!!

So what do you say? You wanna join me and attend!?
(if so we will coordinate hotels and stuff)
I'll  buy you a drink if you come!
Peer Pressure baby! :)


  1. :( If only we were back in Ohio... And YES you should go! It's close to you and HELLO Cedar Point!