To see or not to see.....

Lasik....that is the question!?
I have been blind as a bat since I can remember, like seriously.
My eye sight is TERRIBLE....there is no way I could function without glasses or contacts.
I knew one day I would buckle down and get lasik.
Well that is not so easy when you have been pregnant and nursing for the past almost 5 years.
Did you know that you cannot get it when you are either of those?
Well now I am OFFICIALLY done nursing and not pregnant so I have to get it ASAP!
And I really want to....except I am terrified....
I don't know what it is but slicing my eye ball does not sound all that fun to me.
(Jordan said he heard it's all laser this true!?!?)
Jordan is urging me to go get a consultation and sign up to get it done ASAP.
I am just dragging my feet....
Please tell me good stories or else I will be sporting glasses and contacts forever....


  1. I haven't, but my husband had it done about 3 years ago and he LOVES it. His eyesight was so bad that he couldn't even read the alarm clock in the mornings without glasses/contacts. He could see good pretty much right away. It took a few weeks for him to see 20/20 due to all the swelling/inflammation, but he really could see very well right away. My only advice would be to have it done by a doctor that only does LASIK, even if it costs a little more. We had a friend who went to one of those clinics that advertises since it was a little cheaper, but they ended up having to do it twice because it didn't correct his eyes as much as it should have the first time. They did it for free, but still he had to go through the procedure/healing process twice which is a pain. Good luck, I'm sure you'll love it!

  2. My husband also did it and LOVES it as well. He had perfect vision on day 2. Day 1 was a little rough, very light sensitive but day 2 was great and its been great since.
    I don't think they recommend getting LASIK though if you're going to be pregnant again. I believe your eye sight changes with each pregnancy, so unless you're done you may want to wait. (Or maybe I made that up but I swear I heard that? :)
    I'd also recommend going to a really highly recommended doctor, I was more scared for Luke than he was. I was afraid I'd be married to a blind man. Haha

  3. I had it done about 7 years ago and it was TOTALLY worth it. I was terrified the day of but they calmed me down and it went SO quick. You will be so glad you did it!!!!!!!

  4. My eyes have been so crazy the past few years of pregnancies and breastfeeding. I've had more issues than I've ever had. I've had pink eye a few times, my prescription has changed and they are dry. The dr. Said its due to pregnancy and breasfeeding and I asked then about LASIK and he said I would have to wait until I'm all done having kids because the eyes could change again during pregnancy.

  5. I had it done 7 years ago and I agree, Totally worth it!! I was younger and carefree then but they did give me a valium or something to relax me (that helped a ton). My advice would be to get a consultation and if they say everything checks out just go with it. Try not to over think the actual process and let them do what they do. It'll be over fast and the first day or 2 is really the only time where its a little rough. I hadn't heard that pregnancy thing before. I can still see great and clear.

  6. My sister-in-law had it done before she had her kids (she has two) and it was very successful. However she is now back to wearing glasses and contacts. I think she was told that it was the pushing/straining during birth that caused her eyes to change again. Might be something to ask about.

  7. My sister and my aunt have both had it done. My aunt was actually legally blind before! They both had great experiences and are SO glad to have had it. My aunt still has to wear glasses/contacts but they aren't coke bottle thick anymore.

  8. Dewey had it done and loves it. He has to wear glasses for near sightedness because he is getting old. I have thought about but am too big of a chicken to do it. It is all Lasix. Dr. Parshauer in Sandusky has done everyone I know and does a great job. Maybe if you do it, I will too????