Toy Room Process

Yesterday I showed you guys our living room and told you the toyroom connected to it, so today I am showing you the toyroom which also doubles as my photography studio because the lighting is amazing.

The room was a blank slate to start with....the carpet had to go instantly because I knew the kids would be laying on it and crawling on it so that was the first thing to hit the road....
The before........
The room is giant so it was hard to get pics of every inch of it.....
We installed carpet tiles vs carpet bc we have a dog who likes to ruin things so we can just rip up the tiles when they are ruined and replace them...cheaper than replacing the entire carpet!
The one side of the room is my little photography studio and storage area.
Yes there is a plane hanging from the ceiling, it flies in a circle haha
There is also a skylight over the area which is great! I just set it all up when I have a session...
PS that tiny door connects to the one I showed you yesterday in the living room....
Its the boys secret passage!:)
The other side of the room is TOY MANIA! 

 Like I said this room connects off the living room which is great! 
The room used to be outdoors but was enclosed which is funny because Jordans office is enclosed.
If you look back over by my "studio" side you can see his window....
It's nice because he can watch the boys too if he wants while working.
There you have it, the toyroom and my little studio side!!

More house to come!:)


  1. I really love the natural lighting and the ceilings!

  2. Look at all of that natural light!! Oh my! I am so jealous!!!

  3. the natural light looks awesome in there. The room looks great!

  4. THE best toy room I have ever seen! All that room for activities must be great! :)

  5. That toy room is amazing! I need one ASAP! It's perfect.

  6. Talk about a perfect toy room! I'm in love with all the windows and it's a perfect spot for your studio...great natural light!

  7. I think I'm in love with your house...all the windows are amazing! I'm totally a windows open all spring/summer/fall, natural light person...can't wait to see more updates and your House Hunters episode :-)

  8. I'm so so jealous! I've wanted a toy room forever (okay, about a year)but our house is just too small. Where did you find the plane that flies in your studio? One of my boys would love one.