I have been pretty hush hush about a health matter that has been happening lately.
I guess mainly because I thought the pain would go away...
Or maybe because I am somewhat of an over thinker and hypochondriac and I was praying that the pain would diminish itself away.
But here I am typing this hoping that someone has been through the same thing...
I found a lot of comfort talking to a good friend today who went through a similar situation so I figured I would feel out the blogosphere to try out more answers from you all. 

It all started a month ago, 
I noticed a lot of pain in my knees, I figured it was just normal and ignored it.
Well, Jordan had to leave for his annual work retreat which meant a week alone for me.
I tend to stress a little (okay, a LOT!)
and got all in a panic the night before he left and then was stressed the entire week. 
Towards the end of that week I noticed a horrid burning pain in both or my thighs.
Once again I just chalked it up to something I must have done wrong and dismissed it.

Well he got home from his week away and the pain just kept building.
It was in my knees, in my elbows, my forearms, and the worst of all my hips.
It literally flares up and feels like my muscles are being torn from my body.
It is the weirdest most awkward feeling ever.
It comes and goes and when it's here, it breaks me in half, it hurts so bad that I sometimes cry.

I think I cry mostly because I am terrified of what is going on.
I went to the Urgent Care a few weeks back and had a ton of tests run to rule out any abnormalities and nothing was found. He even checked for arthritis signs and nothing. 
(I kicked the crap out of my body for 10 years with gymnastics and stunting in college cheerleading so arthritis would not be a shock to me, I was horrid to my joints)
Nothing has been found.

He gave me a high dose of ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer to test out.
I am not one to take any medicine, so I have only been taking the ibuprofen when it gets too intense.
This week has been a whirlwind, 2 nights I could not sleep at all because of the pain.
It runs my mind crazy thinking about what ifs and I know I am just stressing myself out 10 times more.
It's a yucky vicious cycle. 
It is also doing a great deal of stress on my stomach and bowels. (TMI)
But this is one of my symptoms that also causes a lot of pain.
Last night it was mainly in my hips and legs on both sides.
It feels like someone is drilling a hole in my hips and its on fire. 
Like someone is tearing them apart also.
The pain was also in my arms as well last night.

Mainly I am a freaking hot mess over here.
I called my father in law finally about the issue because he is a chiropractor so we are going to get me on a lot of homeopathic organic stuff and I will probably try to just eat fully fruits and veggies for a few weeks to see if it's my diet. I am typically pretty healthy and keep the processed crap away so who knows.
He mentioned it sounds like fibromyalgia which is exactly what my symptoms have been lining up to
on my many nights spent using Goggle as my doctor haha!

All I want is to not feel this pain.
I am going to try to reduce my stress levels and try to keep cool this month. 
Have ANY of you experienced this?? 
ANY info you can give me would help.
I just want to make sure I am exploring every disease and going to every doctor
possible because I would hate to have something overlooked.

Fibromyalgia takes a long time to diagnose so I am trying to figure out what the next step for me is.
I have a follow up in a few weeks and I just want to keep on top of every single symptom. I have been charting each day and how I feel and which muscles are burning and trying to find a correlation that connects it all.

I am really hoping I can clear this up naturally without drugs.
This really blows, but at the end of the day I know that it could be 1000 times worse.
For now, I am managing and just trying to get to the bottom of this pain.

I just want an answer. It's not normal to feel like this.
If I knew what it was I think I could calm down a little.
My birthday is tomorrow but all I feel like doing is nothing.
So maybe say a prayer for this pain to not enter with me into my 27th year of life.


  1. Have you been tested for Lyme disease? It has symptoms like yours, particularly when left untreated.

  2. I was going to say Lyme Disease too. I had it when I was 17 and the only reason I found out was joint pain, then my knee swelled up and I could barely walk. I was tested for it right away, so I'm assuming you were checked too, but if not get a blood test for it!

  3. is the pain constant or does it begin when you get up after sitting? I had avascular necrosis which became noticable in the beginning when I would stand up and then it became constant over time. Good luck.

  4. My MIL has fibro and that sounds very similar to what you describe. My hubs also has ankylosing spondylitis, which can be related (both autoimmune disorders, and some people have both - they can be hereditary which makes sense that MIL has one and he has the other). Hubs AS sounds like the pain you felt in the hips and legs - it's prob not that, more prevalent in males, but it took him years and years to get diagnosed so it doesn't hurt to ask. Sending many prayers for answers and relief!

  5. Lyme diesease, fibro, multiple sclerosis??

    MS is a strange disease and manifests in many ways. My husband, at 37, was diagnosed with it and his only symptom was a strange burning sensation on his left side that would come and go

  6. hmmmm Im at a loss because I also have alot of painful symtoms but mine are all different conditions .....I actually do have arthritis but its more achy rather than burning. The only thing i had that felt like burning was in my knees and the doctor was pretty sure it was gout(gross) but they said that can be taken care of with diet changes ....so maybe try the fruits and veggies and lots of water and see if that helps

  7. No clue but big big hugs to you! So sorry you are having to live in pain right now! :(

  8. I'll be praying for you Allie! I suffered for 3+ years with foot pain (started as plantar fasciitis), which then spread to my knees and thumbs as inflammation. After doctor after doctor after doctor (and being diagnosed with a couple things-one being psoriatic arthritis...which they wanted me to take harsh drugs for but decided I couldn't because I wanted children someday) I ended up finding a chiropractor in my home town, who 'saved' my life. We ended up doing NAET (nambudripad's allergy elimination technique) and I got my life back...just before I got pregnant with my first child.

    I now eat gluten free, due to some tummy issues (I have not done testing for Celiac, but certain I just have an intolerance). It really has made a difference. I had already switched to eating mostly unprocessed foods, as well as fruits/veggies/grains/etc while experimenting with home-testing for other food intolerances, so it wasn't a tough transition for me, and has now been over 7 months. Unfortunately I had a foot injury this summer before we moved, that can't seem to heal (how does a mother realistically stay off her feet to allow healing?). I can tell it gets better or worse depending on how I have been eating (I eat pretty well, but I'm not perfect - a girls gotta have chocolate and potato chips from time to time), but it does get better with the more fruits and veggies I eat...

    Anyways... :-) I guess I am trying to say that I believe what we put in our bodies can totally affect our health and how we feel. Let us know how you are feeling after switching to just fruits/veggies for a short time.

    {{{Hugs}}} and try your best to keep your head up tomorrow to celebrate your birthday (even if it means just doing 'nothing' with your family!), and each day after that...it may take some time to figure things out, but you are a strong momma and you'll do what you need to do to get yourself feeling better as you continue on this journey of life!

    1. NAET Link:

  9. I had been suffering increasing severe pain over a two year period... Horrible burning pain would go through my arms and legs. Other unexplained sharp and severe pain through my bones. They were at a point of diagnosing me with MS or Fibro.

    I have several relatives diagnosed with MS - their father had also suffered a lot of pain but insisted it be fixed. He was eventually diagnosed with Pernicious anemia. He took B12 shots and that fixed his problem.

    On a whim I began taking a lot of B12 to see if it helped or corrected the issue. So, for a year now I have been pain free as long as I keep up on my B12. This is all self-diagnosed, but it has kept me happy. I personally didn't want the painful test for the Pernicious anemia.

    Just a thought! I know everyone is different! I hope you can find relief soon!

  10. Lots of hugs sent your way! It must be completely & utterly anxiety-ridden to have no explanation for your symptoms. Hoping you get some answers & relief.

  11. Oh know my dear...I hope you feel better soon and that it goes away :(

  12. I don't think there is anything more frustrating then when you know something is wrong with the way you are feeling, but the doctors can't seem to figure out what it is.

    My MIL has fibromyalgia and I know that she was at one time taking Mona Vi and that seemed to help her out some. My mom also took Mona Vi for a little while to help with some of her aches and pains and it helped her a lot as well. I don't really know anything about it (ingredients or the company) so I don't want to tell you the wrong thing, but I thought it might be something to look into? I think it is sorta pricey though, but it's worth it if it works!

    Hope you figure out what is going on soon. I know that has to be tough while trying to chase three little boys around!

  13. Oh no, I'll be thinking of you. I can only imagine your worry.

    Anytime I have a pain or something is out whack my chiropractor tells me to clean up my diet too...not even fruit. He only lets me eat veggies and meat. I hope it works for you.

  14. Allie, that is a lot to carry on your own! I'm glad you found someone to talk to, and glad you shared with your blog world! That's a lot of thoughts and prayers going out for you:) I am so sorry you are going through this. It really does suck to know something's wrong, and and the worry of not knowing what the heck it is. I hope they figure something out soon.

  15. Has MS been ruled out? One of my mid 20's friends was just diagnosed, but the good news (if it's that) is that it has a good prognosis. I had it ruled out once by MRI. They look for white patches on your brain. I'm praying for you and hope you get some answers soon!!!

  16. It's probably just youe body wondering why it's not pregnant :)

    My thoughts were Lymes as well. Have you been tested recently for it?

    Praying for you!!!


  17. Allie, try not to let your anxiety get the best of you. I, too am guilty of googling to diagnose myself...but I always tell my patients at work not to do this! When I was reading your post and you were talking about a "burning sensation" the first thing I thought of was a PINCHED NERVE. When a nerve is compressed, pain can radiate from your neck all the way down to your toes. Talk to your doctor..or even your father in law about the possibility of a pinched nerve.

  18. Oh no Allie!!! Praying for you. And my only suggestion is to be careful with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Get checked for lyme disease definitely. Look up a few controversies around fibro before you walk away with a diagnosis. You definitely deserve a better diagnosis than one like fibro which is a last resort "we can't explain it kind of thing". Fibro is hard to treat as well b/c lots of doctors view fibro patients as drug seekers. Push for answers for relief and peace of mind!!!

  19. Praying for you hun!! My (and Chrissy's) mother in law has Fibromyalgia and I'm sure she would be happy to talk to you about it! Love and hugs!!!