We joined...

We finally joined a gym....

It took a little convincing because last time I got the bright idea to join a gym I went once. 
Yes, once and only once.
It seemed like a great gym but I didnt want to drive 20 minutes and it was a women only gym

so I could not take Jordan with me. So let's just say Jordan was all but THRILLED to pay for a year membership for my lazy butt!:)
Last week we went and checked out our local YMCA.
We went in open minded and fell in love. 
We decided to join for a year. 
It includes all 5 of us for a great price. You can also take unlimited classes like yoga and zumba.

Last week Jordan and I took a yoga class together.
He was the only guy in there. I am sure some of the women were like "who's that guy!?" 
But we loved it! I had so much fun taking it with him! 
This will be us in a year....
We will be teaching advanced yoga in no time. 
But for real I think I am going to be a yoga freak now. 
I love it because I did gymnastics and co-ed cheerleading so since the poses require a lot of balance
and flexibility it is right up my alley! 
Finally the years of standing on one leg hoisted up by one man's arm are coming in handy, plus it just feels so good to get stretched in all your muscles! 
And the instructor had an amazing body, so my goal is to tone this crap up STAT!!

They also have child care which if you know my kids have yet to ever be in a care center.
I was a tad hesitant because my kids are only around each other. 
So I spied on them a little and they are doing great in there! 
I feel at ease because I can workout without being bombarded by the kids or feeling guilty.
It is a great thing.
If you are looking for a sanity booster, look into your local YMCA or other gym. 
I cannot wait to take more classes and also take a shower in peace!:) 
It will be my home away from home! 

If you guys are in a gym, what are your fave classes to take?? 
I would like to do some other classes! 
Fill me in!


  1. Joseph and I like to go to spinning together. It is pretty intense, but a great workout in an hour. It's fun, and great music to get you in the groove.

    1. We will have to try that when I grow the courage to do that!! haha I think if I tried now I would fall off the bike and pass out! Must.Build.Momentum. hahaha

  2. We joined the Y a few months ago too and it's awesome! Does your Y have a pool? Our does and it's sort of like an aquatic center, so after Matt and I work out, we get the girls from the childcare and take them swimming. It's a win/win for all of us!

    1. Yes mam!! We are going to have to do that too! They have 2 pools one is for therapy and really warm so we are hoping to take them in that pool vs the lap pool! lol

  3. I am all for working out, and if you can do it as a couple I think that is awesome! But as a Catholic, I would be a little hesitant on the yoga...is it just the stretching/poses, or are you doing the chants/prayer/meditation too? Because if you are, you are technically praying to another God...it can be a touchy subject among Catholics, and some don't even realize it, so I just wanted to put it out there.

    1. Oh no, it's not that kind of yoga! lol It is just zen music and stretching and toning! They have an "inspirational" one that we are not doing! lol

    2. glad to hear :) just wanted to make sure!

  4. I think yoga is great. And if you're not going in with the intent to pray to a God, I think God knows what's in your heart and isn't going to hold it against you that you're trying to get in shape and mellow out a little bit.

    I haven't belonged to a gym for a few years. I miss it. We used to belong to a great one. The kids area was out of this world.

  5. How exciting! Are the boys going to a gym nursery or something? (Is that what they even call it?!) We have a Y by us and I'd love to join but I don't think I'd honestly go enough...

  6. I'd love to join a gym solely for childcare alone (is that bad! :) but I'm a runner and I know the only thing I'd do at the gym is run and lift...and I have the equipment for that at home. :(
    Before kids though I belonged to a gym and loved the spinning classes. I've done a little yoga but it's a little too slow paced for me, I can't get myself to calm after being go go go all day long. I've also always wanted to try pilates.
    You seem like the type for zumba or some dance class! :)

  7. Allie...My family also has a membership at the YMCA. The kidzone there is awesome, and you never have to worry about your little ones while you work out, take a class etc. They also offer a ton of classes for the little ones too. Great Choice!

  8. So glad you guys joined! And all the yogas should offer meditation time at the end. Whether you pray, sleep or talk to yourself... it is all about the chill at the end. I usually try to pray but always end up falling asleep. I am going to start doing Bikram yoga... wish me luck!