We've got a walker....

Jude is walking! 
He has been strolling with his walker for a few months but in the past few days he has started on his own. 
It is still just as magical as the first time Vincent walked.
My eyes fill up with happy tears watching him. 
He is so proud of himself with every single step.
My baby is growing up.
Can we please stop the clock of time now??
Happy weekend friends! 


  1. Ok now between my sudden realization this past week that he is going to be ONE next month and this walking business I cannot take it!!!

    P.S. VEST!! Hahahaha

  2. Yay!! How exciting :) I'm hoping Carson holds off for a while! :)

  3. I love how your husband interacts with him!

  4. Sweet diaper tush and tiny, little legs. Can't believe he is almost one!