Bacon. Sweet Potatoes. Heaven.

Jordan and I have decided a few nights a week to cook up something extra for dinner and make it special and have an appetizer and dessert every now and then to take a break from the usual meat and veggies meal we have. Last week the side we made was so simple yet so incredibly tasty. I do not know why I never thought of this recipe but obviously all I needed was a quick visit to pinterest and bam this popped up! 

Anything with bacon has my name on it, then if you throw in sweet potatoes it is just double the pleasure for my taste buds. My friends, meet the bacon sweet potato spears. 
You may ask yourself, those potatoes sure as heck are not sweet potatoes, is Allie dumb?

Well my friends, I asked the lady that 20 times at Giant Eagle a few weeks ago.
I asked why are these not orange, like normal sweet potatoes, she informed me that sweet potatoes are indeed white and that I must be getting confused with yams? 
I of course had to let her know this was not my first time in the produce department nor my first time cooking with them, those bad boys are usually orange at any other store. Anyways I took home their white sweet potatoes and cooked them up, she was right they are sweet, and weirdly I actually prefer the white sweet potatoes, the orange kind of creeps me out! But I have found Giant Eagle is the only store in our area that carries them. 

Anyways, you will need the following:
A few sweet potatoes
Package of bacon
Brown Sugar(your choice)

Cut your potatoes into thick spears, really just like a steak fry.
Take your bacon and cut it in half while its still all together, take each half piece of bacon and wrap it around each spear. 
 Makes about 20 or so spears, then you can choose to add a pinch of brown sugar, which I recommend  it is amazing all cooked up! 
 Bake at 350 til the bacon is at the right crispness for you! 
I guarentee these will not last on the plate more than 15 minutes, if that!
This will totally be our go-to appetizer for parties! I am already planning on making it next weekend for Easter since we will have family in town!! 

Enjoy! xoxo


  1. Bacon? AND sweet potatoes? Making these!!! :)

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  3. I know the confusion of the sweet potato. I started buying organic ones at the co-op early last year (I sure miss the co-op since we moved last August!) and discovered that they were the white ones! OMG - I can just bake them and eat them plain...absolutely nothing on them, they are so sweet and yummy! But, we are bacon lovers over here (although we only have it once a month or so) and I can't wait to try out this recipe!!! Thanks for passing it on!