Flip Side....

We are now on the flip side of the surgery. HORRAY!
Yesterday was pretty crummy, well the start of it was at least.
We had to be at the hospital super early which meant Vincent was crabby, 
Homeboy loves sleeping, he sleeps in til probably 9 everyday!
We got to the hospital, checked in and then got in our room, 
Vincent was not feeling it at all with all the strangers in his face....
Thankfully we were blessed with the BEST anesthesiologist, 
He was so cool and down to earth. 
He came in and offered us all the options for what would go down, 
We could either let Vincent go on his own or drug him. 
We chose to let him go as is, but we prepared him with a game. 
The doctor told Vincent that he had to use a special mask to help him blow a balloon...
We made it a whole big deal and super special!
 The doctor was also great with ME....you know the crazy mom who was terrified.
He talked me through it and answered all my crazy questions such as "What will you do if he starts to die", doesn't everyone ask those?
Well he calmed my fears and it was great to have him let me know that he had kids and understood how hard it was to let them go alone.
Meanwhile Jordan geared Vincent up for his special mission with his mask...
 Jordan is hands down the best dad ever, I just love him....
 We got him dressed and ready....
 And then he was off....
 I am shocked crazy momtogrpher me did not take more pictures of the day but I am glad I got a few....
Meanwhile Jordan and I found seats, it was honestly the weirdest setting ever, the lobby by surgery was full so we went downstairs with our buzzer. I sat down and started crying over the what if's then I pulled myself together and got some hot chocolate. Within a few minutes a man walked up to the piano and started playing (clearly his job) but he played and I don't know why but it was so eerie. He was playing Ava Maria which is gorgeous but I told Jordan I hated it because I felt like we were in a movie and that at any moment a doctor was going to come tell us bad news...it was seriously so weird. All I wanted was silence, oh well, you cant win em' all right!? An hour or so passed and they called us up to let us know that the doctor was half way through and all was well. THANK GOD. Another hour passed and we went back to meet the doctor to discuss the surgery, all went perfect then FINALLY we were back with Vincent as he woke up. He was FAR from happy but we made the best we could with a popsicle and cartoons until they released him. Once he got home things were a lot better. I made him a special milkshake (which Luke of course cashed in on!) 
He slept good last night and was back in full action today. He has not even taken any pain medicine, which is shocking because he has a pretty big incision. I would want something for the pain! He will occasionally say it hurts but has not cried once. He walks funny which is so adorable not to let his thighs touch and cause the area pain. I am so grateful that he is doing so well. 

I am also VERY grateful for the amount of love and prayers we got. I cannot even begin to tell you how overwhelming and amazing it was. I know that those prayers have certainly helped him and I appreciate them from the bottom of my heart!


  1. So glad, it went well and he feels okay! I know that must have been scary!

  2. Love that Luke was still wearing what I put him in! Disaster.

  3. What an adorable photo of Jordan with the mask! Such a good Dad! I'm so glad things went well. And yes, every mom asks those crazy questions :)