Confessions, Thoughts, Randoms on motherhood....

Things that have been on my mind haha....

*I still have yet to take Jude to his 9 month appointment, and yes I did just say he turned one. Sue me.

*I have never taken the boys to get haircuts, I am the haircut master. I started cutting hair when Jordan and I started dating, he said he hated the awkward conversations when he would go get his hair cut so we ordered our own pair of trimmers and never looked back! haha

*I started all 3 kids on fruits, sue me again, funny side note, my kids eat every single vegetable this side of the Mississippi, they love veggies, they beg for them. Their faves are peppers, carrots, broccoli and celery. 

*If my kids ever mutter the word *yucky* to a food, I make them eat it just for saying that word. I tell them "Mommy will never ever give you anything yucky", which is true. I will never make them anything that does not taste good, but sorry buckaroos veggies taste good! 

*When we go to the gym, the boys are in kids zone and I soak up every minute of those 2 hours (they allow them to be in there for 2 hours), after yoga, I read a magazine in the lobby to decompress for 15 minutes.

*I firmly believe you cannot teach character to your kids, it is something you as parents show them. Want a good kid? Be a good mother and father, easy as that.

*No matter what is going on we sit down for dinner every night, I think it is very important to have this set event each day. Sunday breakfast is also one that we always sit together, we have a tradition, bacon, eggs and popcorn!:) We pop the popcorn in bacon grease, its FAB!

*Put your husband first, yes I said that, you two are one and you created your children, it is all because you fell in love and their input on things is just as important as yours. Remember the man you fell in love with and keep that flame alive, you want your kids to grow up with a great example of what a relationship should look like, they are always watching.

*We have let V&L sleep in our room for no joke probably almost 2 months, I don't really know exactly why it started but they love camping out on our floor. Jordan stated once "it's the only time in their lives that they will want to sleep with us so why not!?" He is so right, who cares if they are in our room, it actually makes us (me) go to bed on time! 

*Sometimes when I get really frustrated with the boys (like when they are all fighting and screaming over a toy) I pretend that someone is videotaping me and watching my reactions. It makes you really chill out and think before you yell. 

Here is a picture from Jude's party! His grin kills me...


  1. you are amazing and i love you! I couldnt agree more on all of the above! I might just add, be sure to enjoy a nice glass of wine once the kiddos are in bed!!!

  2. Ahh I love the gym confession!! I am so with you & its such a great release & sanity. You are creating loads of memories with your family & having fun with it!

  3. Very very good post:) I like your yucky rule! What you said about leading by example and putting your husband first is so invaluable. SO many people dont realize what keys these are to a successful family!

  4. agree wholeheartedly with it all!!!!

  5. Couldn't LOVE this anymore than I do! Just reposted some of these parenting ideas on my instagram for friends to read :) (my IG name is alialibobali10 and I used #tableformore) :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm notorious for not keeping up with well baby appointments. Actually my Axle is starting Preschool in August so we are now having to play catch up on his shots because he was so behind. Yep, he's almost 3 and just now getting his MMR. Bad Momma, I know!

    I think having boys makes it easier to give haircuts. My daughter (whose a teen now) has always went to a stylist. My son has always gotten his cut at home. I guess that is one of the perks of having a boy.

    All 3 of my kids have slept with us. I think Anika was 10 before she actually moved out of my floor. She's 14 now and I wish she'd move back to my floor. She of course wants nothing to do with being anywhere near our room LOL. My son is almost 3 and he's in the bed with us. Bad habit to start and terribly hard to break. Annalee, my youngest is 8 months and she sleeps in a pack and play beside my bed. I just can't bear having her any farther away than that.

  7. Jude is so adorable!

    I have been following for a few years and had a blog, stopped blogging and have just been inspired to start again - so here is the link if interested please check it out,

  8. Love this post Allie! Want oyu to know that you inspire me as a mother and woman! I've been reading but a slacker commenter. Think about your sweet family often!