New Table...New Hood....

Here are a few of the new additions to the house, soon I will have a whole kitchen update because that room has been the biggest overhaul bc it was a train wreck when we moved in! We got all new appliances, painted the cabinets and walls and so much more. I just am not fully done with the room so I do not want to reveal it until it is more complete. Anyways here are a few newer additions....

Dining Room table....we had the same ole table since we were engaged, only fit 4-6 people obviously did not cut it but we wanted to wait until we bought a house before we bought our big people table....
The new room looked so awkward with the small table...
Welcome THE BEAST table. She is 9 feet long and GIANT! haha 
I joke that it looks like the table from the last supper. The picture does not do it justice at all.
We used our old chairs from the other table and had the table and bench custom made.
 The room is FAR from complete and I think I will be kicking that armoir out of the room. I cannot wait to get the wall stuff hung and the curtains up but for now I am loving our new table! 
Next order of business was the NASTY white backsplash that was colored yellow from stains (yum) and the sweet old hood and the gap that was left because they had a freaking 60 inch range!
We bought a 36 inch range and still had a huge gap so my sexy husband built another cabinet and we had a huge butcher block fit for the caibnet.
(Vincent was helping the guys remove the hood)
 Well here is the after picture.
It looks 1 million times better! We just painted the backsplash area for the time being because I am not exactly sure what I want for the kitchen yet. All I know is that I am obsessed with our stove and hood. Thermador is hands down the best appliances ever. 

I am going to do an entire post on the 1-2 month process it took us to finally decide on what appliances to get, but man we made the right decision!

So there you have it, a few little house updates. I pinky swear more will come!:) 
Here is a picture of daily life in our house.
Oh Jude!:)

((House Hunters update....our episode could air ANY TIME! We are hoping they inform us first but sometimes they do not get enough warning))
Happy Wednesday friends! 


  1. OMG! love the new table! so jealous you actually get to use your dinning room as a dinning room. right now I use ours as my office. eventually i will be able to eat dinner in there lol
    p.s. the boys look absolutely adorable in the last pic!
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  2. Love the new table! We have that range too! It's pretty aweomse WHEN I DON"T BURN STUFF! Gas is all new to me! I'm still getting used to it. I do prefer the left side with the XLO burner option...SIMMER is still just a little TOO HOT for me! Everythign is looking great!

  3. Working on my last two assignments, then I will sew those curtains for you, I promise.

  4. I love it...and that table is huge! And look at little Jude!

  5. I love your table! Beautiful!
    Also, I'm taping house hunters. Hopefully I catch it, can't wait to watch you guys.

  6. Love the table and jealous of your oven! I'm dying to see your episode, I hope I don't miss it!! Make sure to announce on IG too if you find out! :)

  7. Hi!

    I was searching Google for idea's for my baby's 6 month birthday and stumbled upon your blog. I think we are birds of a feather, love the name of your blog ;) I absolutely love your table and I really adore that last picture of your babes at their little table, too much cuteness going on!

    <3 Alyca

    A Table for Five