Oh, Bob Guiney!

You guys remember last year we when hit up NYC on a whim and met all the Bachelor/Bachelorette people, well we met our favorite Bob Guiney and found out that we were from the same area, okay an hour apart but still!
And remember he loved on Jude, melt my heart instantly, we need to get this man a smoking hot wife who wants babies STAT (and Bob is a gem, not kidding) but anyways remember that?? 
(dude, how crazy is it that Jude has NO hair back then hahah)
Well obviously those pics help jog your memory!
Remember I also told you he SINGS....and when I say sing, I mean he really SINGS, professionally and he is amazing, he used to do this before he even fell onto The Bachelorette and The Bachelor fame.
And if you ladies loved him on The Bachelor, you would love him in person, hands down one of the most real, nice and loving people I have ever met.

Anyways, we stayed in contact after that and we asked him if he would help us out with our new charity venture Free From Hunger, to which he said YES....told you he was amazing! 

Well last night was the night of the event and Bob rocked it out.
I only was able to snag them warming up bc you better believe we were hustling all night at the event gaining as much money as we possibly could for the charity! 
I think we raised 4-5 thousand dollars with the event, I will have final numbers next week.
Bob's entire family showed up and my oh my I have never met more amazing people in my life. 
You know those families you just fall in love with because they are that amazing, well that was the Guiney crew. The love and support they have for each other was over the top, I told his mom she raised such a beautiful family and how blessed I was to witness them in action. It is literally what I hope for my own family to be tight and always supporting each other. I wish I had more pictures like I said but we were BUSY working our butts off. 
If Guiney and Grimes is ever in your area you have to go see them! Tell him Allie sent you, you will love him! Special thanks to Bob for making this event a success.


  1. This is so awesome!! He seems like the nicest guy ever, and I always love hearing of happy, supportive, tight families! I dream mine will be like that one day too :)

  2. I just adored him on the Bachelor. Sounds like he really is the awesome guy that they portrayed him to be :)