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I must say that hands down one of the coolest things in my opinion is when someone can sing or play music. I just find that such a cool talent that can be used anywhere. Jordan can play the guitar and I will never forget when he played it for me the first time, he even sang.
 Hello, melt my heart instantly.
I kind of wished that I would have learned more about music, but I ditched the flute a few weeks in back in 5th grade. I wish my parents would have encouraged me to branch out and try other things within the realm of music. I think that back then it was not easy to find lessons though, I mean it was either you learned at school or your parents taught you. Now there is an amazing site that you can find teachers and lessons in your area.

Insert the site to take the headache out of it all, Take Lessons.
It is so easy, anyone can do it! All you do is type in the type of lesson you are looking for and then your zip code and a whole list will come up then you can call and figure out which is the best fit for your child or teens needs. All of the instructors are screened so you will not have to worry. You can also read reviews on the teachers from actual students!

You can choose in-home lessons, in-studio or even online(via skype)

Right now they are offering 20% off their lesson packages if you use the code SPRINGMUSIC 
You can book online or by calling 844-334-1831. This promo is only good March 29-April 1st.
Disclosure: I was selected by Mom Bloggers Club for this social media promotion with Take Lessons. All opinions are as always my own and honest.


  1. My 14 year old has been asking to do Piano Lessons for some time now and I've yet to sign her up. I really should do that!

  2. I played the trumpet from 5th to 12th grade. My husband plays the electric, bass, classical, and acoustic guitar. Music was something we knew we would have our kids do. Last January, the week our daughter turned 5, we started her on piano lessons.

    And since my husband and I have always wanted to learn piano, we signed up too! We're looking forward to signing up our son too come September when he turns 5.

  3. Jordan can also play the saxophone, I don't know if he shared that with you or not. He plaed the saxophone from 5th to 12th grade. Went through 2 saxophones, as well. Ask him about his first saxophone disaster.