Trust your gut mommas!

There are many moments when you become a mom that you worry
About 75% of those moments are just us being spastic and normal moms, 
We worry, that is what we do.
We have these beautiful children and it is so hard to contain all the emotions behind them.
Its like I have 3 additional hearts outside my body walking around. 
It's such a surreal feeling and scary at the same time.
I am a worrier, not sure if you guys have caught that. I worry over every single thing.

Well, from time to time I turn out to be correct ((happy dance))
This is all started when Vincent was a baby, he was our first baby clearly so I did not know
exactly what was right and what was wrong so of course I always looked to our pedi for the final word and also for advice.

Well during his first few visits the doctor had said his one testicle had not descended, he said it was normal so I tried not to worry, is that even possible??? I am a girl so clearly I do not fully understand all the male parts and how they work, our doctor was a male, so obviously he knew.

Well I kept that tidbit of info in my mind and asked EVERY single appointment if it had dropped, to which he started to tell me it had even though I could feel that it hadn't....
But who was I to second guess, I mean he was the doctor, right?

Well 14 months later Luke came along, and his testicles dropped almost immediately which kept the worrying of Vincent's in my mind. I would randomly check Vincents to find that indeed it was still in the same damn spot, I pushed again and the doctor said it was fine. I kept second guessing myself that maybe I felt it wrong, Jordan was seriously probably so fed up with me having him check Vincent's privates but it was so evident once Luke came along that Vincent's was not right.

We moved to a new town which in turn gave us a new pediatrician. 
You better darn well believe the first visit with Vincent that question was #1 on my list even though a felt a little silly asking the question, since I had asked it probably 10+ times the past year.
And guess what....
His one testicle DID NOT descend down far enough....
So over the past 1 1/2 years we have visited the urologist and had ultrasounds to watch the movement of this darn testicle in hopes that it would drop on it's own....
Well here we are today....
Vincent is going in for surgery to have this taken care of finally....
Trust your gut!
I am just annoyed because this could have been taken care of 2 years ago. 
The whole problem of having an undescended testicle (cryptorchidism) is that the temperature of the body can have a great effect on it, leading to infertility and testicular cancer. 
That is why is HAS to be done.

I know Vincent will be fine but the worry is overwhelming this morning.
The thought of him going under kills my soul.

I had went back and forth on sharing this story since it is obviously about my son's area but this is something that can OBVIOUSLY be overlooked by doctors and I would never want any other parents in the same boat we are. Plus, it's not really a problem, there is nothing wrong with him! 

It's funny because I keep reading that if the testicle has not descended by 4 months of age it is most likely not going to, which drives me bonkers because Vincent is ALMOST 4 years old. 

Pray today for Vincent and always push for answers with your children.
We are in control of their health, we are with them EVERY day, doctors are great resources but we know what makes our kids tick and when something is wrong.
Always push for answers.


  1. Praying for little Vincent today! I know someone who recently found out their son had to get the same procedure!

  2. Praying for you all today that all goes well :-)

  3. Praying for you all!!! I'm sure everything will go smoothly!!!

  4. Awww will be thinking of you guys...mommas have instincts!

  5. Allie- I am definitely praying for Vincent and keeping you all in my prayers today and throughout his recovery process. You are absolutely right in trusting your gut!! But that is because you're a very smart mama!! xo

  6. Vincent's future wife is really going to enjoy reading this article.

    1. HAHA If she has a problem maybe she shouldn't be marrying him! There is nothing wrong with him!:)

  7. Good for you for continuing to advocate! I am so glad he is getting it taken care of. You are right... there is nothing wrong with him!

  8. praying that everything went smoothly. Kaylee sends lots of smooches to Vincent! xoxo

  9. Oh Allie, my heart goes out to you. Teague has had almost the exact same things going on except his got worse after his hernia surgery 2 years ago. The Dr. tacked his teste to his scrotum and it backfired. His teste floated all the way back up to the scar tissue close to where his appendix is. Last year at his 3 year well visit our ped told us he thought it was atrophy. I cried for about 3 days straight, I was a mess. Then I prayed, got myself together and networked with other moms in my area. We ended up going to Grand Rapids to see a pediatric urologist. There we found out his other tests had a hydroscele. Instert more panic, but we were releaved to find out the other teste was still around, but in order to do surgery we needed to see if the hydroscele on the other would go down first. It's been a year. There is the chance of atrophy because this will be a 2nd surgery on the same teste. I'm so nervous because its out of my hands and I don't ever want him to get made fun of by other kids. Then there's the possible lack of hormones and possible infertility. All this to say, you are not alone. I'll be praying for Vincent. Be strong mama and when you feel weak, pray about it and give it to God - the ultimate surgeon!

  10. I'm so sorry that you and Vincent are having to go through this 4 years later. You are so right that as mom's we know our children best. Sometimes I think doctor's forget that. Praying that all went well today with his surgery and that he recovers very quickly.

  11. Praying for you guys! We have to take Antonio to a new Urologist here and schedule surgery to fix his circumcision.....the old urologist said it would eventually "fix itself" .....yeah right

  12. I hope all went well. We were praying for sweet Vincent!