Vincent's surgery....

Tomorrow Vincent has a surgery....
(a post to come on this and why his 1st pediatrician is an idiot and why I am always right, needless to say if he would have listened Vincent would have had this surgery 2 years ago!)
I am honestly dreading the crud out of it...
The thought of Vincent going under kills me...
Vincent obviously has zero idea what is going on, all he knows is that he is going to the hospital, gets to watch cartoons on the iPad and gets to choose whatever food he wants after, right now he is requesting a chocolate milkshake. 
But me on the other hand is a hot mess ball of emotions, 
We were laying in bed the other night doing prayers and of course I start crying at the thought of anything happening to Vincent, I would literally die. 
I cannot imagine one moment of my life without each of these sweet boys....
I am trying to remain calm....
I laughed to Jordan that just maybe we will have the next David after Dentist....
Gotta look for the positives, right??
Please say a prayer for Vincent (and my mommy sanity) tomorrow at 9:30am!
I know he will be okay but any prayers are greatly appreciated!
Lots of love, 


  1. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Lots of hugs.

  2. Nobody better be making you feel silly. Any of us mom's would be a mess if it were us tomorrow! Thinking of you guys.

  3. Prayers!!! A friend of mine said that most pediatricians don't choose the practice - they fail out of the other specializations and have to choose it. Harsh and probably not a blanket statement. But definitely my experience! My ped told me to stop giving my kids whole milk and to switch to low fat, and then proceeded to give them lolli-pops our way out the door. Seriously???

  4. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. I'm sure he will be fine. I would be a wreck as well!

  5. Praying for you and Vincent...just remember that God is in control!

  6. praying that everything goes smoothly tomorrow. I'll be thinking of both of you! xoxo

  7. You know you always have our prayers. Vincent's guardian Angel will be watching over him. His guardian Angel is St. Micheal, pretty cool, I think. God will be guiding the surgeon's hands. It will be fine. Love to you all.