Stuck in a Rut....

I have some what been in a rut, not a bad rut just lots of thoughts going through my mind. 
We have a lot of changes going on here which I will get to in other posts but just lots of thoughts on life and our future and our children's future. 
All good things though, I promise!:)
Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the shuffle of all that is involved with being a wife and mother.
You get lost within your friends and family.
You just shuffled around and emotions get thrown around.
At some points it is just so hard to keep up with everything and everyone.

Being a mother is such a hard job. 
Obviously it is rewarding but man it is rough.
You are molding the future, you have lives in your hands.
It is downright terrifying if you start to get ahead of yourself and think about the future. 
Which is why I most of the times just choose to stay in the moment and not get too far ahead of myself about what is to come when the boys are teens and then God forbid, adults.

You look around at everyone else, other families, other children, other moms. 
I used to have a hard time with comparing myself with others, when I only had Vincent I used to get intimidated by other moms who I thought were super moms. 
With a few years under my belt in being a mom and wife my view has changed significantly.

No one can do it all. 
If someone says they can, I honestly call their bluff.
I can do a decent amount most days but to say I fully have this mom thing under control would be BS.
If I am a rocking mom one day I can tell you that the house is probably a train wreck, 
If my house is clean, I usually go to bed wondering if I spent enough quality time with the boys.
Thank God I have the world's most amazing husband who understands that I can not do it all perfect, all the time, he is just happy I am a trophy wife (with lots of sarcasm)

Each day brings new challenges, new experiences, some exciting, some terrifying.
I thought as the kids got older things would be easier, and yes in some aspects it is easier.
They can go to the bathroom on their own but they are now forming their own being. 
Their attitude towards life and others is now forming.
They have opinions, they have more feelings than ever. They can relay their thoughts to you.
Throw any newborn my way, I can rock it out but man this toddler, almost school age stuff is tiring.
Not so much physically but emotionally.

I ask myself daily "Will this effect who they become?" ," Am I making the right choices?"
At the end of the day I just have to trust my gut as a mom and do the best that I can.
I just have to pray that everything will fall into place.

Sometimes, it just takes a few good quotes to put things into perspective.
I just have to be me, be the best mom and wife that I can and live the life at hand.
We are so extremely blessed and have our own special unique story that only God could have planned.
I need to stand tall and confident in the fact that I cannot do it all.
That at the end of the day, all that matters is that my family and I are happy.
They are hands down the most important thing and really all that matters when all is said and done.

Cannot wait to fill you in on all the changes and happenings in the household and our life.
Happy Thursday friends.

Vincent's Pirate Bash....

I hope you enjoy pictures because you are going to get a full blast of Vincent's Party.
I literally started planning this a week prior. I hoped on Party City and ordered the supplies and stopped on over at Pinterest for pirate food ideas and BAM, the party was created in like 2 hours flat.

To help with prep I started cooking a few things on Thursday and Friday so I would not overload myself on Saturday morning, so I made the dip, the jello and the cupcakes ahead of time. So all that was left for Saturday morning (which I of course am nuts and also had a photo session that morning) but all I had left was picking up the chicken and assembling the fruit swords.
 I loved the party, and Vincent was in HEAVEN. 

We started the day with a treasure hunt, this was fully Jordan's idea and it was awesome. 
We filled it with chocolate coins and m&ms! I got the chest at Hobby Lobby and painted it
I hid it in a tiny passage way we have in our house.
We then did what normal parents do. Dressed our kid as a pirate to complete his special day.
Got the costume for $10 at Party City! Best purchase ever.
 Homeboy was in heaven!! We even talked like pirates for most of the day. 
Now onto the details.....
The food consisted of:
Fruit swords aka fruit kabobs. Pirate Fingers aka Cocktail Weiners. 
Ahoy Matey Salad. Just a normal salad. And Captain Jude's Jello found on pinterest.
I think they turned out really cute.
Golden Nuggets aka Chick Fil A nuggets.
Captain Luke's Deviled Eggs, my dad actually made these. SO CUTE.
Captain Vincent's Spicy Feta Dip and Sharks teeth. Spicy Feta recipe here
Sharks teeth are just cut up cheese. 
Pirate's Teeth and Pirate's Booty.
Pirate's Teeth is this amazing homemade caramel corn I made. Thank you Paula Dean! 

Now onto the dessert table. We decided to try out an ice cream bar vs a cake.
Jordan constructed the table for me. Which was found on pinterest of course. 
Scored these containers for toppings at the Dollar Tree.
Added cupcakes in case anyone wanted cake also. 
I used the new cool whip frosting. HOLY HEAVEN IT IS AMAZING.
I grabbed Coldstone for the ice cream choices and got cake batter, chocolate and vanilla.
For drinks I just did Honest kids juice and then got Hansen's and Jones cane soda in cans for the adults.
Had to get Root Beer for people to make floats!:)
I only took a few pics during the party, was too busy visiting with friends and family.
And that is it.
Captain Vincent had a blast and it was easy as pie to create. 
I got all the random pirate decor from Party City along with his costume.
They ship things literally the same day as you order so I always use them.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into the Pirate adventure! 


I am in shock that tomorrow Vincent turns 4.
This kid has been the world's biggest blessing, not to say that his brother's aren't equally as amazing though.
Vincent has literally been a dream from the beginning and the young man he is growing into just melts my soul every single day. Watching your children become little people is the most rewarding gift.
 When we got pregnant with Vincent I had dreamed of a little boy with dark brown chocolate eyes. 
I am not sure why but I love dark eyes, they speak to my soul and when Vincent popped out his eyes were dark as could be from day 1. When he looks at me, I melt. His eyes are beautiful, the are just one of the many things that I love about him.
 Vincent is a giant old soul, he loves everyone and wants to do whatever he can for anyone. He helps his brothers with everyone and showers them with love. He totally mimicks me and I love it. You will find this little man rubbing his baby brothers back or holding Luke's hand to "protect" him. Obviously the boys fight like crazy lunatics at times but at the end of the day all they have is love. 
I am so grateful to call Vincent mine. He is our first love. 
I cannot believe you are growing so quickly my sweet babe.

Tomorrow we are having a Pirate Bash, because Vincent thinks he is a real pirate.
No joke. He is so funny.
Jordan is all about this party, which is funny because Jordan used to make fun of me for planning themed parties but now that Vincent is older Jordan is getting more into it. 
When Vincent wakes up tomorrow he will be greeted by a treasure map and sent on a hunt for this.
Jordan was the one who thought of this whole idea, I just executed the details!

I will be sure to take lots of pictures of the party details because we actually put some planning into this party. That planning may or may not have just started last weekend but hey, we (pinterest) put a lot of thought into all the party stuff! 

So Cheers to the weekend and my baby turning 4....sigh.

iLasik, 6 days later.

Well as you know I took the plunge and finally did Lasik.
I did the iLasik procedure, which is bladeless and all lasers. 
I have been waiting 5 years since I have been pregnant and or nursing that entire time.
Kind of nuts right?
Well we finally had a window open of neither so we scheduled Lasik.

I was a trainwreck going into the surgery.
I seriously was so SCARED.
They give you a valium but it barely took effect before they walked me in.
They gave me a purple monkey to squeeze during the surgery.
Being the smart person I am you better believe I youtubed the surgery so I knew exactly what the doctor was doing at all times, not sure if that was wise haha!
Anyways let's just say I do not want to go through the surgery again.
It was one of those once in a lifetime is enough things.
It was just so weird, you have to keep your eyes perfectly still and it's so hard.
I was just saying hail mary's and telling myself "you have 3 kids stay strong for them" the entire time.
They did one eye at a time and the whole ordeal took about 20 minutes all together but at some points my eyes went completely black and then would slowly come in and out of being able to see.
It was really the weirdest thing ever.

When I got up I could see, but it was hazy, like when you open your eyes in a pool.
By the afternoon my eyesight had went from 20/250 to 20/30.
I tried my best to rest all weekend while I rocked these sweet goggles.
Smoking hot right?
Ps you cant wear make up for an entire week. Also really cool.

Well I just went along with our weekend as usual, with hazy eyesight and all.
Then this happened.
I bent down to pick up a toy in the kitchen and BAM.
Smacked my head right on the corner of a counter. I blame it on the goggles. 
Literally worst pain ever! 
So not only were my eyes hazy, I had a huge gash in my freaking forehead.
PS notice those red spots on my eyes. Yeah those are from the suction cups they used in surgery.
They are STILL on my eyes 6 days later. SO NOT COOL.
My head is getting better and I think we bandaged it so I wont have a scar.

My eyesight is still hazy. It's weird.
I can see better but it is not 20/20 by any means. 
I am hoping that it clears up more here in the next few days.
I go in tomorrow for a one week post op visit so I am curious to see what they say.
I am just trying to pop the eye drops to keep them moisturized and happy.
Because in the middle of the night i wake up and feel like they are glued to my eyelids from being so dry.
So yes, Lasik has made my eyes better in a sense but still not perfect, 
Really praying it clears up because I refuse to go through surgery again.
Anyone else have this problem with haziness?

Wordless Wednesday.....30 mins of peace ;)

Bath Renovations.....oh my!

We are in the midst of the master bath renovation at the moment but I am not really doing much on that because the new master bath is itty bitty (literally sink, toilet and tiny 3x3 shower) but we are making it as amazing as we can (marble floors, subway tile shower, rain shower from ceiling) I am going to do a video on our upstairs and explain why we are choosing to turn our 3 bedroom upstairs back into 4 bedrooms. The previous owner changed one of the bedrooms into a huge master bath which I cannot stand, it is ugly and over sized and we need bedrooms more than we need bathrooms. There is a tiny bath connected to the boys old room which will now become our master room and bathroom. It had to be completely gutted when we moved in because there was a roof leak. (funny because the renovation is currently haulted because the same leak spot that has been fixed 4 times keeps dripping in water, but thank God we found it before the walls went up) The other full bath on this floor will be my main go-to spot. It is going to be amazing and going to make up for any sadness of having a small master bath. 

Here is the design board for that bad boy. I pee my pants in excitement. 
This bath is my pride and joy because I will be making all the decisions (thanks Pinterest)

The main bath has already began to be gutted and is next on the construction guys list so both the master bath and main bath will be totally complete by this summer. Then we will move rooms and tear out the old master bath and take this house back to 4 bedrooms. I know this probably all makes zero sense but when you see the upstairs you would understand why. 
Here is the main bath situation.
 This where the old sweet yellow bath used to be, we are putting 2 pedestal sinks here now.
 I love the arches on the ceilings. 
 The other side of the room is where the old vanity was and we are tearing out the closet behind the wall to make the bath bigger and putting the clawfoot tub on this side of the room. 
 Arch over the toilet area. 
 Another view of where the sink area will be. 
Now switching modes....
Here is the master bath current situation...
See what I mean about itty bitty?

I will totally take a video this week and give you guys a tour of the upstairs of the house. I cannot wait for the master bath to be finished so my dream bath can come to life!