Coconut Flour Pancakes- Paleo

As you will may well know I am all about easy recipes, if it takes too long you won't see me making more than once or twice. It is a complete headache scrambling in the morning to get breakfast on the table for the boys, and Jude is not one to wait when he is hungry, hence why sometimes he will literally be at my legs whining while I am making the food (so much fun). These pancakes take little to no effort to make and the health benefits of them are amazing for your family. 

You will need:
1/4 cup coconut flour
2 TBS coconut oil (or butter)
1-2 bananas 
6 eggs

1-2 TBS Honey
2 TBS cocoa powder
1 TBS cinnamon

First I always make sure to click the griddle on high before I even mix the batter up so it's hot and ready to go.
Then I mix it all up in the mixer, the batter is somewhat chunky when all is said and done.
Pour onto the griddle and bake, once they start to bubble it means they are ready to flip.
Cook on both sides and then you are done!:)
Last week I actually used the cookie cutter and make them into planes and trains, the boys loved them. This was my second attempt with the cookie cutter shapes because the last time I honestly tried putting the cookie cutter on the griddle and pouring the batter into the cutter, let's just say it did not work. Thankfully my smart hubs said I should use the cookie cutter AFTER they were baked. One of those why didn't I think of that moments!:)
You can enjoy with your favorite syrup, local is the best, it's REAL. No high fructose corn syrup. Yuck.
I also like to cut up berries and bananas, it is seriously heaven. 
Yum Yum in the tummy!:) ENJOY! 

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  1. I cannot wait to make these. They look great. Thanks