Door to Door Organics....

A few years ago I read about Door to Door Organics but they did not deliver to our area. Last week a friend from our town posted about receiving a box from Door to Door Organics and I got so excited that they were indeed NOW delivering to our area! Score! She sent me a coupon to get 50% off my first box, double score! It was obviously fate, duh!

Anyways I was so amazed when I went to their site because not only do they have produce they carry pretty much everything my organic loving heart could ever want. I mean EVERYTHING. It is insane how MUCH they carry. The best part....I can sit in my pajamas and order from my couch! They deliver it to your house weekly or bi-weekly! No, my friends this is not a dream. This is amazing because we do not have a Whole Foods or Trader Joes so my grocery shopping is all done at Kroger in their organics section which you can imagine is not too great, don't get me wrong, it is getting better but my meals are at total liberty to what they have in stock. 

Well today I got my first box. 
I went with the large box because we eat so much fruits and veggies, the cool thing is that they send you a list of what will be in the box then you can exchange out items (5) for other things so I switched out a few weird ones like fennel for bananas and apples for the boys. I stuck with just the box and then also added eggs because they are local and $1 cheaper than at Kroger. 
The produce was packed wonderfully. It was COLD and crisp and just perfect. Much better than the produce in stores. They even had an ice pack in a separate section with my eggs. 
Here is a look at what we got.
All organic goodness. 

We went through and tallied up what we thought it would cost buying it at the store and this way is more expensive but not by much maybe 7-10 bucks. BUT they had things that our Kroger would never carry, they delivered it to my door, they are LOCAL, and they support local farms and the organic movement. Its a win-win-win! We are going to do the every 2 week plan so I can mix in sales from Kroger on certain items, like last week they had organic strawberries for 2.99 where as Door to Doors are 6 bucks. So obviously you just have to be smart if you choose to go this way. 

One bonus is that they sell fish. We have no access to good fish here really so next time I am getting salmon in our box as well. Obviously between this door service and our amazing freezer full or grassfed organic meat we are good to go.
The freezer is stocked because we just got our whole pig and half cow last week.
Yum. Yum.

I will do more posts on why we choose to eat the way we do. But it is mainly because we feel organic is the way to go. I cannot stand factory farms and huge manufacturers, I want to support local farmers who raise their animals and produce in the safest, clean way. I do not want my family growing on chemicals and junk. 

Anyways, thumbs up from this mama on Door to Door Organics! 
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  1. LOVE IT!! I have never heard of them but I'm about to spread the word!! :)

    And LOVE your freezer! Ours is similar but it's a deep freeze. I love grocery shopping in my own fridge and online!!

  2. I wish they had that here! :( Although I do live in the middle of farm country so it is easy to get produce at farmers markets during the summer, but I would love that during the winter!

  3. Your front door is so super cute!

  4. Yum! I'll have to look into this! Also - my hubby and I ordered wild caught salmon from Alaska, and cod too, from an online retailer called Copper River Seafoods. The price was exceptional; it's packed in dry ice and shipped that way, direct to your front door. It's excellent and I highly recommend getting fish this way! :) Oh - the salmon was about $10 a pound (it came in a 10 pound package) for $99 and that included shipping.