House Hunters update...

Ugh, I wish this update would indeed be telling you the date of our episode.
But sadly, it is not. And frankly that kills my horribly impatient soul.
Well I can tell you our episode is #7704
Our episode has been done and finished for a few months
By the program guide on HGTV in May they are on the 7500's
They do not go exactly in order and it skips from time to time but I am going to guess that we won't be on til June!:( It stinks because I am so eager to see how bad how we look!
I literally curse at the TV when they show re-runs because every night at 10 it is supposed to be a new episode! Gahh!!!

I wish we could view it before everyone in case I look like a total trainwreck, but rest assured when it airs I will be watching it for the first time with everyone else. Hopefully for my sake no one tunes in haha! I am a tad nervous because I follow House Hunters on facebook and the commenters rip people apart. It is pretty nasty. I should just steer clear of the internet when our episode airs because trust me I have no patience for snarky people. 
That is why I pray to God that they show the REAL us but let's be serious we would not be on the show if we weren't a tad bit controversial or if we did not have differences, which we do and that is what makes us tick. 

Okay let's face it, I just pray I look good, bahahahah, don't lie, you would all feel the same way. After kids you are insanely critical about how you look so I hope the outfits I wore don't make me look chubby or anything like that. Hopefully the camera stays on Jordan a lot, he's got a rocking body. Geesh maybe they should have just filmed him with his shirt off the entire episode. 

That would be amazing.

Well that is all I have got for now. I may be wrong and it may be sooner but I have looked all the way through May and have not seen our episode. But they said HGTV can change at any minute which is why I am recording every night. Hopefully I will get the confirmation email with a date and a time, once I do I will share that with all of you!

In the meantime we are knee deep in renovations, 2 bathrooms at the moment. One is prepped to be gutted the other is half way through renovations. Trust me PLENTY of pics of that process will be on here!:) 
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  1. Yay I can't wait for your episode so I can tell everyone I know that I know someone famous haha!

    Keep us updated!

  2. I can't wait for your episode and to see someone that I "know"! I have to admit my coworkders and I watch the reruns everyday at lunch and we are snarky but it's usually because we are watching the HH International where these people have a million dollar budget for a VACATION home. It's hard not to hate those people :)

  3. I can't wait to see your episode. We watch House Hunters almost every night!

  4. I'm dying to see this episode, come on HGTV, get with the program!! (pun intended)

  5. You're killin me here ! I cant wait to see it!

  6. I love watching House Hunters! We started watching House Hunters when we were looking for our home last February. So cool to stumble upon someone in the show. So question though, your realtor doesn't just show you three houses? They choose your top three to feature or how is that all done? Some of them I've wondered about because when you ask the family what they are looking for they show them something completely different. So I wondered if that was just for dramatic effect.

  7. Looking forward to watching it...whenever it gets its turn to air! I'm sure you will be great on the show... It's just awesome that you'll be on, don't worry about what anyone else thinks :-)