iLasik, 6 days later.

Well as you know I took the plunge and finally did Lasik.
I did the iLasik procedure, which is bladeless and all lasers. 
I have been waiting 5 years since I have been pregnant and or nursing that entire time.
Kind of nuts right?
Well we finally had a window open of neither so we scheduled Lasik.

I was a trainwreck going into the surgery.
I seriously was so SCARED.
They give you a valium but it barely took effect before they walked me in.
They gave me a purple monkey to squeeze during the surgery.
Being the smart person I am you better believe I youtubed the surgery so I knew exactly what the doctor was doing at all times, not sure if that was wise haha!
Anyways let's just say I do not want to go through the surgery again.
It was one of those once in a lifetime is enough things.
It was just so weird, you have to keep your eyes perfectly still and it's so hard.
I was just saying hail mary's and telling myself "you have 3 kids stay strong for them" the entire time.
They did one eye at a time and the whole ordeal took about 20 minutes all together but at some points my eyes went completely black and then would slowly come in and out of being able to see.
It was really the weirdest thing ever.

When I got up I could see, but it was hazy, like when you open your eyes in a pool.
By the afternoon my eyesight had went from 20/250 to 20/30.
I tried my best to rest all weekend while I rocked these sweet goggles.
Smoking hot right?
Ps you cant wear make up for an entire week. Also really cool.

Well I just went along with our weekend as usual, with hazy eyesight and all.
Then this happened.
I bent down to pick up a toy in the kitchen and BAM.
Smacked my head right on the corner of a counter. I blame it on the goggles. 
Literally worst pain ever! 
So not only were my eyes hazy, I had a huge gash in my freaking forehead.
PS notice those red spots on my eyes. Yeah those are from the suction cups they used in surgery.
They are STILL on my eyes 6 days later. SO NOT COOL.
My head is getting better and I think we bandaged it so I wont have a scar.

My eyesight is still hazy. It's weird.
I can see better but it is not 20/20 by any means. 
I am hoping that it clears up more here in the next few days.
I go in tomorrow for a one week post op visit so I am curious to see what they say.
I am just trying to pop the eye drops to keep them moisturized and happy.
Because in the middle of the night i wake up and feel like they are glued to my eyelids from being so dry.
So yes, Lasik has made my eyes better in a sense but still not perfect, 
Really praying it clears up because I refuse to go through surgery again.
Anyone else have this problem with haziness?


  1. This post has not convinced me to get Lasik. I hope it gets better.

  2. I haven't had LASIK but Luke has and 4 years later he is still addicted to eye drops. He says his eyes always feel dry and he has a bottle everywhere he goes. If I remember correctly his was hazy for awhile but then got better

  3. I've thought about LASIK--but the thought of lying still and surviving the surgery terrifies me. Your account sure didn't make me feel any better about it! I'm a baby when it comes to stuff like that.

  4. my mom got lasik and send it was a hazy for a while. she actually ended up going back in to have another surgery (on only one of her eyes) this past week. Turns out the haziness for her was a different problem altogether. Now she says shes sees perfectly clearly.
    hope yours goes away
    and hope i didnt scare you more :/
    the sweet life of a southern wife

  5. I agree with Rachel, I am baby about it as well. Dewey complains of having dry eyes and he had his done probably about 10 years ago, if not more. I can't remember if he had haziness, but he had to go back in for a touch up about year after having the first surgery. Hope it goes away, soon.