Bath Renovations.....oh my!

We are in the midst of the master bath renovation at the moment but I am not really doing much on that because the new master bath is itty bitty (literally sink, toilet and tiny 3x3 shower) but we are making it as amazing as we can (marble floors, subway tile shower, rain shower from ceiling) I am going to do a video on our upstairs and explain why we are choosing to turn our 3 bedroom upstairs back into 4 bedrooms. The previous owner changed one of the bedrooms into a huge master bath which I cannot stand, it is ugly and over sized and we need bedrooms more than we need bathrooms. There is a tiny bath connected to the boys old room which will now become our master room and bathroom. It had to be completely gutted when we moved in because there was a roof leak. (funny because the renovation is currently haulted because the same leak spot that has been fixed 4 times keeps dripping in water, but thank God we found it before the walls went up) The other full bath on this floor will be my main go-to spot. It is going to be amazing and going to make up for any sadness of having a small master bath. 

Here is the design board for that bad boy. I pee my pants in excitement. 
This bath is my pride and joy because I will be making all the decisions (thanks Pinterest)

The main bath has already began to be gutted and is next on the construction guys list so both the master bath and main bath will be totally complete by this summer. Then we will move rooms and tear out the old master bath and take this house back to 4 bedrooms. I know this probably all makes zero sense but when you see the upstairs you would understand why. 
Here is the main bath situation.
 This where the old sweet yellow bath used to be, we are putting 2 pedestal sinks here now.
 I love the arches on the ceilings. 
 The other side of the room is where the old vanity was and we are tearing out the closet behind the wall to make the bath bigger and putting the clawfoot tub on this side of the room. 
 Arch over the toilet area. 
 Another view of where the sink area will be. 
Now switching modes....
Here is the master bath current situation...
See what I mean about itty bitty?

I will totally take a video this week and give you guys a tour of the upstairs of the house. I cannot wait for the master bath to be finished so my dream bath can come to life! 


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