The few pictures from Jude's Birthday...

Chalk this one up to a mom fail. 
I took barely any pictures of Jude's birthday.
A far cry from the magic of Luke's first birthday 
But, hello Luke's birthday is in the summer, we all know summer is easy and fun to throw parties, March is cold and bitter, sorry Jude! 

Anyways I am still in shock that he is ONE....when people ask his age my gut wants to say "oh he is just 6 months" but he isn't, and that breaks my mommy heart. He is a big boy now and wants to be just like his brothers. Here are the few pics from his birthday. We have Vincent's birthday in a few weeks so I am swearing to get a family picture at his party!! 
Why are you all staring and singing at me....
 Being shy with his messy ice cream cake face! 
The only mommy and Jude picture as of late. I really need some family pics done stat.
PS check that hair of his. He got a haircut last week haha
And that is it. 
Told you I have NO pictures. Mom of the year over here. 

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